productive longevity

Key Blood Enzymes as a Sign of Dairy Cattle Selective Breeding

The effectiveness of interior-complementary selection of cows by the level of serum enzymes has been revealed. In contrast to traditional selection, the more criteria are taken into account during selection, the more effective it is. When selecting first-calf heifers for one of the enzymes, the difference in milk yield is up to 446 kg of milk, with the total selection for the concentration of serum enzymes, it consistently increases to 656, 1059 and 1228 kg of milk. The same pattern is also characteristic when comparing hereditarily similar animals.

Technological aspects of increasing the productive longevity of dairy herds

The research has been carried out to establish the duration of productive use of breeding stock in the breeding farms of the Omsk region. As far as the productive use duration, the cows kept in free stall housing are found to have a significant advantage compared to the tied cows, the difference being 177 days or 17.2 %. A negative correlation has been established between the abundance of milk and the duration of productive use of cows in tied herds.


Productive longevity of black-and-white cows

The genetic potential of the productive longevity of dairy cattle is high and is more than 12-15 years. The economic use of animals for 5-6 lactations, undoubtedly, reduces the costs of their breeding and culling of low-yielding animals at a fairly early age significantly. At the same time, the average age of these cows’ use at the enterprises of our country is about 3.0 of calving. The research was made in the breeding enterprise Agricultural Pedigree Complex “Plemzavod” Razliv “of the Kurgan region.

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