Productive longevity of black-and-white cows

УДК 636.237.21.082

The genetic potential of the productive longevity of dairy cattle is high and is more than 12-15 years. The economic use of animals for 5-6 lactations, undoubtedly, reduces the costs of their breeding and culling of low-yielding animals at a fairly early age significantly. At the same time, the average age of these cows’ use at the enterprises of our country is about 3.0 of calving. The research was made in the breeding enterprise Agricultural Pedigree Complex “Plemzavod” Razliv “of the Kurgan region. It is established that in the herd of cows under evaluation, the young animals’ keeping are sufficiently high. Most cows were taken out of the herd at the age of more than 24 months - 6.8%. In this case, cows were culled more often after the sixth calving (40.6% of the investigated heads). The main reasons for the culling of the black and white cattle of the studied herd are: 14.1% - foot diseases, 12.1% - other non-communicable diseases, 9.9% - diseases related to metabolism. The high level of the genetic potential of the pedigree herd can be ensured through the introduction of a rational management system, namely, the improvement of technologies for feeding and keeping cows, the introduction of a competent set of zoological and veterinary measures exclusively at all stages of production.

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