Designing the composition of a specialized product for sports nutrition

The most popular among athletes are products of protein-carbohydrate or carbohydrate-protein composition, which explains the relevance of their design and implementation. The article considers the design of a specialized product for sports nutrition based on secondary dairy raw materials using sunflower flour. It was found that the application from 7.5 to 20 % of sunflower flour in a mixture of skim milk and buttermilk will significantly improve the macro- and micronutrient composition of the product.

Use of regional raw materials in functional product manufacture

The authors of the article have analyzed scientific and technical and patent literature in the field of producing functional fermented milk drinks as well as in the field of using grain fillers. The researchers offer to use regional raw materials as functional components. Linen flour and linseed oil are offered to be added as functional additives of plant origin into the projected product composition. The article describes the research of determining the composition of the fermented skim milk product.

Studying of Starter Composition Effect on Properties of Fermented Products Based on Buttermilk and Milk Whey Concentrates

The research on starter population selection for fermented products manufacture on combined milk base with buttermilk and milk whey concentrates has been conducted. The physical and chemical, rheological, microbiological and organoleptic properties of the products have been studied. A combined starter with a ratio of starter cultures of Lactobacillus acidophilus, Streptococcus salivarius subsp. thermophiles, Bifidobacterium equal to 1: 1: 3 has been selected.

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