Silvicultural and ecological evaluation of advanced thinning in the Velsk district, Arkhangelsk region

УДК 630*2(470.11)

Forest management is carried out in order to increase the productivity and preservation of useful functions of forests by means of felling of trees and bushes, as well as to carry out amelioration and other activities. Continuous logging has great importance in the system of measures on care of the forest. The purpose of these cuttings is to grow highly productive stands of the raw material purpose, to increase the overall forest management. The opportunities for more comprehensive and timely resource utilization are expanding with their help. Among the classic forests management advanced thinning is the most common. They have also practical importance, as they allow obtain the wood to meet the needs of industry for raw materials. In this regard, silvicultural evaluation of the forest environment conservation during their performing and monitoring after their implementation are very important in increasing the productivity of forests.

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