Dairy cattle breeding and fodder production in the Orenburg region: state and trends of development

УДК 636.2.034(470.56)

The basis for stability of economic, social and political situation in society and the world depends primarily on the efficiency of agriculture. The Orenburg region is one of the most developed agricultural areas of the Russian Federation and the Volga Federal district. Currently it is necessary to create an optimal mechanism for economic interest of agricultural enterprises in increasing milk production. The authors analyzed the literature sources and the results of the current situation in dairy cattle breeding and forage production in the Orenburg region as a large industrial and agrarian region, it made it possible to identify a number of patterns, as well as to develop proposals and practical recommendations aimed at improving the economic efficiency of milk production. In order to effectively develop dairy cattle breeding in the Orenburg region, it is necessary to focus on improving the organizational and economic relations in the industry on the basis of the development of breeding, increasing the productivity of animals by strengthening the fodder base, and continuing the implementation of state support for dairy farming.

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