Assessment of the investment impact on an enterprise (branch) economic activity on the investment strategy development phase (on the example of enterprises of dairy industry)

УДК 658.152

The success of our investment activities is largely determined by the degree of the entity adaptation to the investment environment. This requires to carry out the forecast of the investment environment condition at the early stage of the investment strategy formation. This allows industry use the favourable opportunities to invest and be prepared for negative factors that may be associated with the investment process, identify the most favourable alternatives, thereby ensure the effective adaptation of investment strategy to external conditions. The article gives the algorithm of drawing up the forecast on the assessment of the investment environment impact on the enterprise (industry) economic activity as one of the initial stages of enterprise investment strategy formation. Based on the selection and testing of the proposed factors characterizing the state of the investment environment of milk processing enterprises, the assessment of the reliability rate of enterprise’s economic activity in the dairy industry on the current economic, political, and financial conditions has been made. The usage of the proposed algorithm of actions will allow adapt the investment activities of the company to the unfavourable effects of environmental factors.

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