Microbiological Aspects of Enriched Fermented Milk Products Manufacture with Use of Whey

УДК 637.146.003.13

The possibility of using propionic acid bacteria and acidophilic lactobacillus as a probiotic microflora has been analyzed. The use of kefir grains in the composition of a polycomponent starter has been suggested. A comparative assessment of starter cultures development in cheese whey and skimmed milk has been carried out. A decrease in the activity of growth and acid formation during their cultivation in whey has been noted. To activate the development of starter microflora, improve the organoleptic characteristics of the product, it has been suggested to include skimmed milk in the whey basis of the product. The composition of the polycomponent starter (5%) containing propionic acid bacteria, kefir ferment and acidophilic lactobacillus in a ratio of 2.5:2:0.5, respectively, has been specified; it provides the highest yield of propinic acid bacteria and acidophilic lactobacillus, what determines the probiotic properties of the product.

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