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Investigation of the effect of cereal flour on the properties of low-fat functional products

The effect of vegetable fillers on the properties of the fermented milk clot was studied. On the basis of the studies carried out, the dependence of the waterholding capacity of flour of leguminous crops on syneresis was determined. On the basis of organoleptic descriptors, a rating has been created and score scales for organoleptic assessment have been developed. It was determined that the application of flour of leguminous crops has a greater effect on the indicators of taste and consistency. The best rheological characteristics were observed with the addition of barley flour.

Justification of the shelf life of yogurt based on skimmed milk concentrate

The present article describes the possibility of using skimmed milk concentrate with a mass fraction of 15% solids obtained by ultrafiltration for the production of yogurt with Jerusalem Artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus) syrup. The authors have carried out the complex study of the organoleptic, physical and chemical and microbiological parameters of the product as well as moisture-holding capacity of the clots during storage.

Designing the composition of a specialized product for sports nutrition

The most popular among athletes are products of protein-carbohydrate or carbohydrate-protein composition, which explains the relevance of their design and implementation. The article considers the design of a specialized product for sports nutrition based on secondary dairy raw materials using sunflower flour. It was found that the application from 7.5 to 20 % of sunflower flour in a mixture of skim milk and buttermilk will significantly improve the macro- and micronutrient composition of the product.

The influence of water-binding capacity in cereal and legume flour on the properties of fermented milk clot

The analysis of patent literature in the field of funnel fermented milks production using cereal flour was done. The results of research on the influence of cereal and legume flour on organoleptic and structural-mechanical indicators are presented.



Curd dessert products with functional properties and increased nutritional value

This work investigates the possibility of using skimmed milk and nanofiltration concentrate (NF-concentrate) of curd whey in the technology of curd dessert products with functional properties. Technological modes and rational proportions of NF-concentrate addition into the curd base are established to increase the biological value of the products. Fruit fillings are selected and the preferred proportion of their application is determined. The biological value of curd desserts is investigated.

Use of regional raw materials in functional product manufacture

The authors of the article have analyzed scientific and technical and patent literature in the field of producing functional fermented milk drinks as well as in the field of using grain fillers. The researchers offer to use regional raw materials as functional components. Linen flour and linseed oil are offered to be added as functional additives of plant origin into the projected product composition. The article describes the research of determining the composition of the fermented skim milk product.

Microbiological Aspects of Enriched Fermented Milk Products Manufacture with Use of Whey

The possibility of using propionic acid bacteria and acidophilic lactobacillus as a probiotic microflora has been analyzed. The use of kefir grains in the composition of a polycomponent starter has been suggested. A comparative assessment of starter cultures development in cheese whey and skimmed milk has been carried out. A decrease in the activity of growth and acid formation during their cultivation in whey has been noted.

Use of cheese whey in formulations of fermented beverages

The article deals with the possibility of using cheese whey in the technology of fermented beverages. The composition of a multicomponent starter giving probiotic properties to drinks is established. The milk whey base composition of beverages is established considering the activity of starter microflora development, biological value increase, improvement of organoleptic property and consistency of finished products. Herbal additions and the rational proportion of their introduction has been adopted.

Технологические аспекты производства обогащенных кисломолочных продуктов с использованием молочной сыворотки

The article presents the technology of producing enriched fermented dairy products with whey. The authors describe the composition of the multicomponent starter culture for fermented dairy products, which provides probiotic properties of the products. The component composition and parameters of fermenting milk and whey basis for fermented dairy products are determined. The reasonability of using the syrup of the white mulberry fruit in formulations and its mass fraction applying is determined.

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