The analysis of the reproductive qualities in dairy cows depending on the Dairy Comp 305 system of electronic registration

УДК 636.034

the use of information technologies  is an important factor for improving productivity in animal husbandry and the industry on the whole. Electronic programs such as Dairy Comp 305 can help to achieve greater results. The program is installed for the first time in the Vologda region at «PZ Pokrovskoye OOO» (Limited Liability Company). There is no information about the effectiveness of its use. The article presents the characteristics of the company and the main reproduction indicators in 2013-2018. The main direction of «PZ Pokrovskoye OOO» (Limited Liability Company) is a dairy cattle breeding, stock breeding  to improve the genetic potential of black-and-white cows by means of Holstein method. Owing to the program at «PZ Pokrovskoye OOO» (Limited Liability Company) in Gryazovetskiy district the farm effectiveness is  recorded and analyzed, the coordinated work of veterinarians and zootechnicians   is organized, and the stuff is motivated. By 2018 the service period  at the enterprise is reduced to 89 days, intercalving distance to 365 days  because of competent purposeful work. The calf crop  is 92,4%. This  fact allows to select  low production cows more effectively, to enter  the cows that have genetic potential, to increase the number of dairy cows, as well as to organize better sale of young breeding stock. At «PZ Pokrovskoye OOO» (Limited Liability Company) in Gryazovetskiy district economic effect of applying the electronic system (without increasing productivity and growth of livestock) is 11 925 thousand rubles.


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