Dynamics of dairy cattle breeding development in the European North of the Russian Federation

УДК 636.082.1

 The article presents the research results on the quantitative and

qualitative characteristics of dairy cattle populations and breeding farms in the European

North of the Russian Federation. Nowadays, taking into account the current political and

economic situation of the livestock sector management, the problem of preserving the

number of dairy cattle breeds and increasing cow’s milk productivity is quite pressing.

     In the European North of the Russian Federation, there has been found the

tendency of reducing the number of cows by 9.92 thousands of animals for the period

from 2010 to 2018, which amounts to 70.29 thousands of animals. There is an increase

in cow productivity in every region of the European North of the Russian Federation.

The maximum increase of 2074 kg of milk is registered in the Vologda region, which

amounts 7418kg of milk in 2018. These research results are taken as a mandatory

element for the characteristics of dairy cattle populations, which allows us to determine

the dynamics of development of animal quantitative and qualitative characteristics for

working out planned measures.

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