Rating of Ayrshire servicing bull estimation according to selection features

УДК 636.082.12

Estimation of servicing bulls according to the offspring quality is one of the main items in selection process, which allows determining the strategy of herd improving in breeding, productive and conformation features. The research has been carried out in the Ayrshire cattle herd in agricultural production cooperative Mayskiy Plemzavod, the Vologda District, the Vologda Region. The study results has allowed ranking servicing bulls according to the daughters’ selection features and the bull named Volan 106202505 has been established to be the winner in this rating (its daughters’ milk yield of 8125kg being the highest one, strong body and milking conformation form). It is advisable to use servicing bulls of a high selection rating in the breeding stock and their offspring for the herd reproduction, which will increase productivity and improve conformation characteristics of a new generation animals.


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