Increasing the bioadaptive potential of a dairy herd of cows in the production of milk

УДК 636.2.034:636.08.003

The conducted production studies on seeking on-farm reserves of dairy production in the conditions of the large-scale specialized agricultural farm of the joint stock company ‘Valishche’ of the Pinsk district allowed us to find ways to improve the existing technology. The innovative device is a modification of milking equipment of farms by using three-sided teat cup liners in the suspension part of ‘Impulse IP15-AIR’ equipment when milking cows in milking parlors, which allows to more fully reveal the bioadaptive potential of animals, increase the dairy herd productivity, while optimizing the cost of agricultural products and increasing the profitability of milk production by 5.73 percentage points (up to 24.84 %) compared to the control group of animals.

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