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Studying of rheological characteristics of fermented curds enriched by the hydrolysis of whey proteins

Structural-and-mechanical and rheological curds characteristics obtained during fermentation of buttermilk and skimmed milk are studied to develop fermented milk product. Studies were performed by the rotational viscosity measurement method with the help of Rheo-test unit. Dependences of efficient curds viscosity on the shift speed are built as well as dependence of structure reconstruction, efficient viscosity and coefficient of mechanical curds stability on applied hydrolysate dose is determined.

Technology of concentrated milk products based on liquid curd whey

Samples of sweet concentrated milk product with a partial replacement of skimmed milk powder and water on liquid curd whey are produced. Rheological characteristics have been investigated in the produced samples. It is established that the product belongs to pseudo-plastic liquids with quite a high correlation coefficient.

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