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Design development of the vortex homogenizing head by hydrodynamic processes computer modeling in the SOLIDWORKS FLOW SIMULATION program

The paper presents a virtual simulation of hydrodynamic processes in a vortex homogenizing head from the SolidWorks Flow Simulation program. A comparative analysis of vortex flows paths, trends of velocities and pressures is carried out. As a result, the advantages and disadvantages of various design features in vortex homogenizing devices are revealed.

Improving the methods and technology of cream-butter production by the continues cream stirring

The article presents the results of the research on the two-staged flowing method of the physical cream ripening influence on their properties’ changes and cream-butter quality.

Influence of field beans «protected» protein on indicators of dairy cows productivity

The article presents the results of studies how field beans subjected to the microwave and chemical treatment influence the productivity of cows and the composition of milk. It has been found that the using in the cows diet of treated corn field beans in an amount of 1,5 kg per head of livestock increases the average milk yield with 4% fat by 5,3-11,1% and the absolute milk protein yield by 2,9-8, 2%.

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