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The effect of feeding barley grain with various methods of preliminary preparation in a farm

The article considers the effectiveness of the use of various technologies for feeding barley grain (flattening, extrusion) when fattening young Ayrshire cattle in the conditions of a peasant (farm) economy. The eatability of feed is determined when pretreatment grain is included in the diet of animals. At the same time, it is established that feeding crimped and extruded barley grains made it possible to reduce the consumption of feed by 1 kg of growth.

Improve the feeding standards of gobies raised for meat

The article describes the results of the study of the effects of different levels of general and protein nutrition, diets with a reduced level of protein, the effect of synthetic lysine and methionine on digestive and metabolic processes, the growth intensity of young cattle and their meat productivity. According to the results of the study, the norm of fiber in the diets of gobies fed at year-round sites in winter conditions was established.

Grazing efficiency of cattle

Scientific and production experience has been carried out to study the value of the herbs of alpine meadows, where livestock are fed and achieve good results. It is advisable to use natural mountain and pre-mountain pastures for feeding livestock if they begin to be grassed after growing 15-17 cm According to the results of our research, concentrated feeds are also most efficiently used as feeding at the final stage of the burning, that is, during the preparation of livestock for sale for meat.


The live weight of broiler chickens in the use of sapropel derivatives in their ration

The research has been conducted on “Ross-308” broiler chickens in the vivarium of Animal Science and Animal Products Processing Chair of the Velikiye Luki State Agricultural Academy in the Pskov Region. The experimental groups have been formed of ten 13-day-old chickens each. The first experimental group has been given mixed fodder and fresh water with a 1% sapropel extract additive (on a volume basis).

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