Research of composition and physical-chemical properties of curd whey concentrate obtained by nanofiltration

The article presents studies of nanofiltrate-curd whey concentrate

samples as well as its calculated nutritional and caloric value. It shows the expediency of

using nanofiltrate-curd whey concentrate in the production of functional dairy products.

An alternative replacement for traditional preserving agent in dairy industry

In the laboratory rekombination method samples of concentrated milk product with sugar and malt extract were produced. The developed product was analyzed for physical and chemical, organoleptic and microbiological quality indicators. Besides the vitamin, mineral and carbohydrate composition of concentrated milk product with replacement of 10 % sucrose on malt extract was studied. It was established that the vitamin content increases by 6-9 times, minerals 1.5-3 times. Introduction of malt extract leads to diversity of the carbohydrate profile of the developed product.

Influence of dry demineralised milk whey on the storage of concentrated milk products

The samples of concentrated milk products have been developed in laboratory conditions. The samples have different proportions of skimmed milk powder replacement on dry demineralized milk whey. These samples have been stored for 14 months and analyzed periodically. As a result, it has been found that physical, chemical and organoleptic properties of the developed products meet in general the requirements of standard documentation for traditional sweetened condensed milk manufacture.

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