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Dynamics of live weight and weight gains in different lines of black-motley replacement heifers of the Vologda type

In the conditions of the analyzed farms, studies were conducted on growing black-motley heifers of different lines. As the results of the conducted studies have shown, the live weight of heifers in all age periods of the studied lines at the analyzed enterprises is at the level of class I standard requirements or exceeds them by 6-11%. The average daily weight gains of heifers of the studied lines at the age from birth to 6 months were 690-820 g, at the age of 6-10 months – 570-810 g, at the age of 10- 12 months – 600-750 g, at the age of 12-18 months – 620-680 g.

Correlation relationships of economic characteristics in black-and-white cattle

The present study has been carried out for obtaining comparative correlation data between productive and reproductive characteristics of the daughters of domestic and foreign breeding bulls in the modern black-and-white population of the Vologda region. The research is based on the works of domestic and foreign scientists and information databases on 10250 black-and-white cows of the 1st calving in the Vologda breeding farms. The statistical data has been calculated in the Microsoft Excel program.

Influence of bulls on the reproduction indicators of daughters taking into account their productivity

The main objective of the development of dairy cattle breeding is to increase

the breeding productive characteristics, taking into account the preservation of the

reproductive qualities of animals. The research was conducted on the basis of data

from the breeding plant for black-and-white cattle breeding OOO “Zazerkalie” in the

Vologda region. Bulls-improvers were determined by the complex of selected traits,

taking into account the linear affiliation: Meson 3097402441; Retirement 11720463 of

Economically useful characteristics of Holsteinized black-and-white cows and correlations between them

The analysis of interdependence between productivity and the A system parameters of a linear exterior evaluation among the daughters of bull-producers of different origin suggests a practical need in exterior evaluation and its interdependence with productivity in a separate herd under specific natural and economic conditions. The revealed high correlation coefficients between the main economically useful characteristics in the offsprings of foreign breeding producers indicate that the selection of any characteristic will have a positive impact on other ones.

Breeding black-motley cattle for productive longevity

The article presents the results of black-motley cattle linear breeding in the Vologda region. The linear dependence of black-motley cows’ useful life has been established both in purebred animals and in crosses with Holstein sires.

Productive longevity of black-and-white cows

The genetic potential of the productive longevity of dairy cattle is high and is more than 12-15 years. The economic use of animals for 5-6 lactations, undoubtedly, reduces the costs of their breeding and culling of low-yielding animals at a fairly early age significantly. At the same time, the average age of these cows’ use at the enterprises of our country is about 3.0 of calving. The research was made in the breeding enterprise Agricultural Pedigree Complex “Plemzavod” Razliv “of the Kurgan region.

The causes of the disposal of the animals and the main milk productivity indices of cows having different genotypes depending on the method of housing and technology of milking

The causes of the disposal of the animals and the main milk productivity indices of cows having different genotypes depending on the method of housing and technology of milking have been analyzed. For all the evaluated periods the animals which were milked with a robotic system in the free stall barn surpassed the cows which were kept on a leash and milked into the pipeline with the help of milking machines. Along with this, in the cows kept in the free stall barn the limb diseases caused culling more often than in other groups of animals under study.

Influence of the season on the maintenance of somatic cells in the milk of black-and-white cows under various milking technologies

The article presents the results of the season dependence on the somatic cells quantity in black-and-white cow’s milk according to the milking technology.

Milk yield and properties of the udder Black-and-White and Simmental breeds under usage of a robotic milking system

We analyzed the milk production and the basic properties of udderfresh cows Black-and-White and Simmental breeds using a robotic system of milking. According to different periods of lactation and the basic properties of the udder the cows of Black-and-White breed of dairy productivity trends lead. Therefore, to use a robotic milking system the black-motley breed are more suitable in comparison with the combined productivity of Simmental directions under the purposeful selection.

Immunogenetic markers of economically useful features in black-and-white cattle

Many researches have revealed the interdependence of erythrocyte antigens with milk productivity and reproductive ability features. However, there are different antigen factors connected with economically useful features in different herds and breeds. The aim of the research is to establish interdependence of economically useful features with blood group antigens. For this purpose, the estimation of immune genetic status in black-and-white cows has been conducted, and antigen-markers of high milk productivity and animal reproductive ability have been identified.


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