moisture content

Quality and nutritive value of Galega orientalis silage depending on the moisture content of the silage mass

In the experiments we studied the effect of the moisture content in

plant raw materials when making silage from Galega orientalis on its nutritional value

and quality. It has been found that the moisture content of raw materials has a great

impact on the quality and nutritional value of silage. The lower the moisture content

in the plant raw materials when making silage, the more nutritious and better silage is

obtained, which must be taken into account when preparing it.

Modern approaches to the use of microbial transglutaminase in cheese making (analytical review)

The analysis of scientific publications on a question of transglutaminase enzyme using in cheese making has been carried out. The review describes some methods improving biotechnology of cheese with transglutaminase that aim at creating conditions for its maximum activity in milk. In the enzymatic protein coagulation transglutaminase is recommended for introduction into milk simultaneously with chymosin or after its addition what provides due to the preservation of the serum components in curd yield and mass fraction of moisture increasing in cheeses.

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