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Quality and nutritive value of Galega orientalis silage depending on the moisture content of the silage mass

In the experiments we studied the effect of the moisture content in

plant raw materials when making silage from Galega orientalis on its nutritional value

and quality. It has been found that the moisture content of raw materials has a great

impact on the quality and nutritional value of silage. The lower the moisture content

in the plant raw materials when making silage, the more nutritious and better silage is

obtained, which must be taken into account when preparing it.

The influence of water-binding capacity in cereal and legume flour on the properties of fermented milk clot

The analysis of patent literature in the field of funnel fermented milks production using cereal flour was done. The results of research on the influence of cereal and legume flour on organoleptic and structural-mechanical indicators are presented.



The development of yogurt with plant antioxidants

The article is devoted to the development of a method for yogurt production based on cinder conk extract as a plant antioxidant. Cinder conk (chaga mushroom) is used to treat a wide range of diseases in folk medicine. In the paper we have used the optimal method for obtaining cinder conk solution using maceration with microwave. The physical and chemical parameters of the obtained solution are determined and given. It is determined at what stage of the technological process it is advisable to add the obtained extract to yogurt, namely at the stage of formulation.

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