The yield of ‘Elizabeth’ potato variety depending on weather conditions and fertilizers

On soddy  podzolic medium  loamy soil of the Vologda region using

fertilizers in N20P20 dose while planting caused a reliable increase in potato yield of 5.4

t/hectare in comparison with control.The potato yield received when precisely calculated

doses of fertilizers were applied increased by 10.7-15.9 t/hectare (76-114%). Mineral

fertilizer system with the maximum dose of potash fertilizers and organic mineral system

differed insignificantly in their impact on the yield of tubers.Applying fertilizers both in

Festulolium and domestic ryegrass use for pasture agrophytocenosis creation

The article presents the research experiment undertaken in 2017 in the experimental field of the North-Western Research Institute of Dairy and Grassland Farming, i.e. a separate division of the Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science Vologda Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The study has shown that the use of new species and varieties of grasses (Festulolium and domestic ryegrass) have positive results in creating pasture agrophytocenosis.

Productivity of winter rye grain, yield of nutritive elements by the culture when using fertilizers in the Vologda region

The calculated fertilizer systems have significantly increased the yield of the Volkhov winter rye in grain by 52-67% and in straw - by 50-59% on the soddy podzolic medium loamy soil of the Vologda region on average for three years of research. Applying fertilizers at the rate of 1cwt/ ha in physical weight when sowing during two years out of three ones has provided a significant increase in the yield of winter rye grain. When using the calculated doses of fertilizers, phosphorus and potassium yields by a unit of production has been slightly below the planned values.

Productivity of spring rape varieties and its hybrids in the Upper Volga region

Представлены результаты научных исследований по особенностям формирования урожайности 16 отечественных и зарубежных сортов и гибридов ярового рапса, выполненные в производственном опыте на хорошо окультуренной дерново-среднеподзолистой среднесуглинистой почве в Ржевском районе Тверской области в ОАО «Агрофирма «Дмитрова гора». Площадь учетной делянки – 1 га, повторность – 2-х-кратная, площадь под опытом ‒ 35 га.

Theoretical prerequisites for studying the seeds ozonation

The paper presents the theoretical prerequisites for studying the problem of seeds ozonation. The analysis of scientific papers describing the results of experimental studies in the field of agricultural crops seeds ozonation has been carried out. Based on this analysis, the theoretical system for determining the seed germination after treatment with ozone has been proposed. This theoretical approach can be useful for studying the ozone concentration effect on seed germination for further agricultural crops productivity improving.

The formation of spring triticale structure with different sowing rates

The article discusses the influence of different sowing rates on the spring triticale yield structure in the conditions of Vologda region. The studies are conducted with various seeding rates on the varieties of spring triticale approved for using in the North-West region - Crest and Ukro. The result is that the different seeding rates have a significant effect on the grain yield of spring triticale.

The effect of agrometeorological conditions on the productivity of promising spring triticale varieties

In State Dairy Farming Academy of Vologda Abstract. The article deals with the effect of climatic conditions on growth, developlment and yield of spring triticale varieties in the conditions of the Vologda region. The research was carried out on the following varieties: Scallop, Norman, Ukro, and Amigo. In the research the dates corresponding to the beginning of phenological phases of triticale growth and development have been revealed, yield structure elements and grain quality indices have been defined.

Yields of legume - cereal grass in pasture use depending on the species composition UNDER the Vologda region conditions

The article presents the results of the four years research (2012-2015) on yield capacity, nutritional value and botanical composition of grassland phytocenoses. The most productive is recognized as a four legume-cereal grass mixture on the basis of Carmine red clover and eastern goat’s-rue Krivich in combination with the fescue and timothy grass. Mixture is characterized by a high proportion of legumes (40.9%), enhanced yielding from 1 ha fodder units (2851), digestible protein (400.6 kg / ha) and high nitrogen-fixing ability (69.7 kg / ha).

Formation of oats productivity under the influence of mineral nutrition background and foliar dressing with preparation Izabion

Тhe investigations were conducted in the Tver region, on the sod medium sandy loam well cultivated soil, there were studied the features of formation of oats productivity under the influence of mineral nutrition background and foliar dressing with preparation Izabion (1 - effective fertility, 2 and 3 and NPK on 3.5 and 4.5 tons of grain per 1 ha).

Yield, quality and profitability of potato tubers production in the application of fertilizers and chemical means of protection on sod-podzolic medium loamy soil

In the conditions of a field experiment on soddy-weakly podzolic medium loamy soil of the Vologda District, Vologda Region, the effect of applying fertilizer, ‘Lazurit, SP’ herbicide and ‘Albit’ complex preparation on yield and tuber quality of ‘Scarb’ table potato variety has been studied. Their combined application improved the marketability of the tubers, increased the starch content, and reduced nitrates. The profitability of potatoes production has been calculated in current prices of 2017.


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