Exterior features and milk quality of Saanen goats

УДК 636.393.9

The purpose of this research was to determine the relation between the exterior characteristics of Saanen goats and their milk productivity. We have studied the Saanen goats population having the body development in accordance with the breed standard. For adult goats the height at the shoulder was 75.4cm as compared to the standard height of 75cm; the height at the hips - respectively 75.7 and 76cm; the body length - 80.2 and 81cm; the chest girth - 86.6 and 88cm. So, the goats showed the optimal index of lengthiness and blockiness for these animals of 109% and 107% respectively. The study has stated the interrelation between the exterior and the milk productivity of the animals. Milk of better quality with high fat and protein content is produced by goats that are mainly of average height, having long and wide body.

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