Economic justification of using sugar beet harvesters

УДК 631.3:338.43

The article analyzes advantages and disadvantages of the main types of sugar beet combines and presents comparative economic efficiency of their use in modern conditions. Economic efficiency estimate of sugar beet combines is based on estimation of production processes, the main criterion of which is saving operating costs per unit. Economic efficiency of using sugar beet combines has been determined on the basis of calculating operating costs per unit of work, according to the data of the Tambov oblast, Michurinsky district sugar beet farms. When harvesting 1 ha of sugar beet, the highest operating costs value has been obtained in using ROPA “Euro-Tiger” combine - 6030,72 thousand RUB, and the lowest in using Gomselmash “Palesse BS624” combine --3246,42 thousand RUB., which is 42.2% lower. In present-day conditions of Russia, according to the production rate and operating costs ratio “Terra Dos” Holmer brand combine turns out to be the most efficient one from the economic point of view, since it has a more profitable over performance compared to the base modification (by 30%) judging by the operating costs ratio (by 20-26%). The research novelty consists in clarification of the methodology for determining the economic efficiency of sugar beet combines on the basis of the productivity and operational costs ratio per unit of the harvested area according to the combine brands. The practical significance consists in economic efficiency justification of using the most common sugar beet combine brands in the present-day conditions.

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