Сultlvation of narrow-leaved fireweed (сhamaenerion angustifolium) together with maral root (rhaponticum carthamoides) (willd) jlin

УДК 633.2:582.886

The authors investigated the ability of narrow-leaved fireweed

(Сhamaenerion angustifolium or Ivan-chai) to grow together with maral root

(Rhaponticum Carthamoides) (Willd.) Iljin. in the Northern part of the non-chernozem

soil zone of Russia. Both plants were found to start grow immediately after melting

of snow cover. The phenological flowering period of the maral root occurs earlier than

that of the narrow-leaved fireweed. The experiment has revealed that in a mixture of

grasses, narrow-leaved firewood is being suppressed. In the third year of life there is

a thinning of the stalk of Ivan chai due to a drop in the shoot-producing capacity of its

roots. During the period of the experiment the productivity of the grass mixture was

lower, than in control version by 5 t/ha. In the control version, the metabolic energy

and raw protein collection were 11.2 GJ/ha and 179.3 kg/ha higher than in the grass

mixture. The maral root in the third year of growth develops a strong root system and

a leaf rosette, which results the unfavorable conditions for the narrow-leaved fireweed

(Сhamaenerion angustifolium) and it becomes obvious that it is displaced by the maral

root from the cenosis composition.

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