Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.) fry growth and development effected from feeding with Enzimsporin supplement

УДК 639.3.043.003

The present research has shown the growth and development of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.) fry effected from feeding Enzimsporin probiotic supplement. During the observation period, the weight of tilapia fry population has increased from 119.5g to 619g in the control group, from 121g to 684g in the 1st experimental group 1 and from 119g to 790g in the 2nd experimental group. Thus, the average daily weight gain per fish is 0.44g, 0.51g and 0.6g, respectively in 22 days. During the observation period an increase in body weight of one fish averaged 3.29±1.63g in the control group, 3.75±1.32g in the 1st experimental group and 4.47±2.40g in 2nd experimental group. During the research period the fry in the 2nd experimental group has shown the highest increase in ichthyomass at the end of the experiment, 9.26g (p≤0.05), which is 2.8g (69.53%) more than in the control group. In the 1st experimental group, the increase is 3.23 g (p≤0.05), which has exceeded the indicators of the control group by 0.8 g (75.23%). The outline fish indicators correspond to the general statistical values of tilapia fry development in the given age period.

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