Study of the ointment efficiency on the basis of phytoncidal forest complex for udder diseases prevention and treatment of dairy cows

УДК 636.2.034

During milk production, cows have udder health problems with edema, subclinical and clinical mastitis. In most cases treatment of these pathologies is based on the injection of antibiotics as monotherapy. In some cases, this results in a «protracted» period of treatment, milk rejection and addiction of microorganisms to the drugs and recurrence of the disease. At the same time, there is an urgent need to use preparations made from environmentally friendly, natural phytoncidal natural components both in complex and in monoscircuits (depending on the type of pathology), since we are talking about the health of animals and the products obtained from it (milk, meat, etc.). A scientific and practical experiment on groups of cows with edema, subclinical and clinical mastitis with the use of a «test» ointment based on forest products and without its use, showed certain results. Thus, the duration of treatment of clinical mastitis in cows with the use of the ointment is 1.6 days less than without it; for subclinical mastitis and postpartum udder edema, the use of the ointment reduces the cost of treatment from 11 to 626.5 rubles per head per day.

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