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Fermented milk product with increased nutritional value

The article is devoted to the development of a new fermented milk drink with increased nutritional value, which is achieved through the use of crushed wheat bran and maple syrup in the recipe. The characteristics of the fillers used are presented, the doses of their application are justified, the calculations of the food and energy value of the product are carried out.

Investigation of the influence of a prebiotic ingredient on the quality and biotechnological indicators of a biological product

In this work, we investigated the effect of different mass fraction of a prebiotic ingredient on the organoleptic parameters and biotechnological properties of a fermented milk biological product obtained by fermenting milk by a consortium of microorganisms with pronounced probiotic properties in order to expand the range of innovative biological products for personalized nutrition. It was found that the best performance is possessed by a biological product, in which the mass fraction of lactitol was 7,5%.

Taste profile formation of blue cheeses

The aim of the work is to establish interdependence between the proteolytic and lipolytic activities of Penicillium roqueforti mold cultures and formation of organoleptic parameters of blue cheeses from cow’s milk during ripening and storage. It is shown that the organoleptic parameters of blue cheeses depend on the used Pen. roqueforti strain. The obtained data can be used for creating an assortment line of blue cheeses with an individual taste profile.

Methodical aspects of determining cheese ripeness

The purpose of this work is to choose a method for cheese ripeness determination that meets the requirements of speed and reproduction in production testing laboratories without complex hardware design. The relevance of the work is dictated by the need to confirm the cheese ripeness degree in a way that is independent of the human senses, in case of controversial situations of the customs valuation of imported cheeses as well as in case of their sale in the trading network.

Indicators of ice cream quality with the NF-concentrate of curd whey

The influence of whey concentrate obtained by nano-filtration on organoleptic characteristics, thermal and dimensional stability of creamy ice-cream is studied. According to experimental data the curves of melting are built, their mathematical processing is carried out and the resulting equation to calculate the average speed of the ice cream with different concentration of whey protein concentrate melting is obtained. Generalized results of the taste analysis are presented graphically in the form of profile diagrams.

Use of kefir grain microflora in fermented milk product starter

The article studies growthtrends of the main representatives of the kefir grain microflora depending on the cultivation conditions. The study gives the regression equations that allow predicting the change of viable cells of the main fermenting microflora representatives, depending on the fermentation conditions. It is shown that by changing the cultivation conditions, it is possible to adjust the grain startercomposition as well as organoleptic and microbiological characteristics of fermented milk products manufactured with the use of kefir grainmicroflora.

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