Studies of nanofiltration and electrodialysis effect on the mineral composition of curd whey

The article presents data of nanofiltration and electrodialysis effect on the mineral composition of curd whey.

Improvement of curd whey nanoconcentration process

The article specifies the optimal parameters of curd whey nanofiltration and gives the scheme optimizing nanofiltration process control.

Studying of Starter Composition Effect on Properties of Fermented Products Based on Buttermilk and Milk Whey Concentrates

The research on starter population selection for fermented products manufacture on combined milk base with buttermilk and milk whey concentrates has been conducted. The physical and chemical, rheological, microbiological and organoleptic properties of the products have been studied. A combined starter with a ratio of starter cultures of Lactobacillus acidophilus, Streptococcus salivarius subsp. thermophiles, Bifidobacterium equal to 1: 1: 3 has been selected.

Indicators of ice cream quality with the NF-concentrate of curd whey

The influence of whey concentrate obtained by nano-filtration on organoleptic characteristics, thermal and dimensional stability of creamy ice-cream is studied. According to experimental data the curves of melting are built, their mathematical processing is carried out and the resulting equation to calculate the average speed of the ice cream with different concentration of whey protein concentrate melting is obtained. Generalized results of the taste analysis are presented graphically in the form of profile diagrams.

Demineralization and neutralization of cottage cheese whey in the process of nanofiltration

The article studies the process of nanofiltration as a way of cottage cheese wheydemineralizationand neutralization. Using the chemical analysis of the nanofiltration concentrate and filtrate compositions, theoretical dependence of mineral salt and lactic acid removal in the treatmentprocess has been found. Theresearch validates the optimal value of the volumetric concentration factor for cottage cheese whey demineralization and neutralization.

Experimental studies of the milk whey nano-filtrate curdling process with the accompanying lactose crystallization

The article gives the results of the experimental researches of the milk whey nano-filtrate curdling process combined with the lactose crystallization made on the experimental unit of crystallizer-evaporator. The direction of temperature regimes optimization of the crystallization process is revealed.

Investigation of Ice-Cream Air Phase with a Curd Whey NF Concentrate

The whey concentrate influence on ice-cream overrun and air bubbles size-consist has been studied. Differential curves for the density distribution of bubbles in diameter have been constructed and the quantitative variables of particle size have been determined. According to the obtained data on particle sizes the air bubbles surface area in the experimental ice-cream samples has been calculated.

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