Comparative Evaluation of the Productive Characteristics in Holstein Heifers of Different Selections under the conditions of the Volga Region Forest Steppe

УДК 636.2.034(470.4)

Modernization of cattle breeding industry in Russia is done by creation of a large dairy farms wide network and active breeding of highly productive cattle. During the formation of highly productive herds on dairy farms and complexes is necessary to consider the imported cattle adaptation to the specific conditions of different regions. The article deals with comparative evaluation on a range of economic useful signs of Holstein heifers imported from Holland, Germany, the United States and bred in the zone of the forest-steppe Volga region under conditions of intensive milk production technology with loose-box contents. The exterior features, differences in productive, reproductive properties and qualities of milk of the different breeding heifers have been revealed. The results of the research testify to the high milk productivity of Holstein heifers of all experimental groups, however, Animals of Dutch selection possess the best milk productivity. To increase milk yield in dairy herds in the forest-steppe zone of the Volga region it is necessary to use the genetic potential of Holstein breed. Preference in the formation of highly productive herds should be given to animals of Dutch selection.

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