Prospects for integration development in potato as the northwestern federal district of the russian federation (on the example of Leningrad region)

УДК 338.43:635.21 (470.23)

Trends of potato production in the Russian northwestern federal region over the past ten years have been studied. A comparative analysis with national figures has been also conducted in the work. The hypothesis is that the growth of income and the labor intensity of potato production in the private sector cause the potato production decline in the region and in the country. In this regard, it has been proposed for farms with dairy specialization to produce potato as the main activity in the conditions of the Russian north-west federal region. The main factors of potato competitiveness through the product creation chain have been indicated as well. The main problems leading to low efficiency of potato production have been analyzed on the example of the Leningrad region. The most problematic links in the chain of creating and bringing products to a consumer have been detected. In conditions of price changing large enterprises are the least stable ones concerning economic efficiency. The positive experience of regions integration in the potato production chain has been summarized in the article. It has been proposed on the basis of state-private partnership the wholesale food markets creation according to cooperative principles for the promotion of potato and other vegetable production in St.-Petersburg and large regional centers.

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