Сельскохозяйственные и ветеринарные науки

The effect of feed with extruded grains and phytobiotics on meat productivity and health of feeder young cattle

The article describes the results of a comprehensive study extruded feed and extruded feed with phytobiotics influencing on the health and growth of feeder young cattle (Ayrshire breed). The research methods: clinical, microbiological, statistical, biochemical analysis. The results of the study showed that the use of extruded grains and extruded grains with phytobiotics increases meat productivity, has a positive impact on the development of animals, reduces the cost of production per production unit.

The effect of adding perennial grasses of the second mowing to the flattened spring barley grain for its storage in air-tight conditions

The article presents the results of studying the addition of green mass of grass to the flattened spring barley grain. Finely chopped grass is an effective means of accelerating the creation of anaerobic conditions in the grain mass and reducing the loss of dry matter during storage. It was revealed that as a result of the addition of grass, the period of creating oxygen-free conditions had been reduced to two or three days, the loss of dry matter during this time had not exceeded 1.5-2.5%. The optimal dose of grass has been 3% of the grain weight.

Honey production of bee colonies and honey quality in the conditions of the Vologda region

The article presents results of the research on honey productivity and quality. It is established that the species composition of nectariferous plants is heterogeneous and the apiaries honey plants grown on their territory have different honey productivity from 15-25 to 800-1000 kg per hectare. On the territory of the apiary 1 grow the honey plants with higher honey production, such as White acacia, galega orientalis, Echium and Roundheaded globe thistle (Echinops sphaerocephalus).

Thromboelastographic Assessment of Coagulation Potential of Blood in Horses

The work reviews the possibility of using thromboelastogram to assess the coagulation potential in horses. The experiment engaged ten clinically healthy mares aged from one to five years and five newborn foals up to ten days of Russian trotting breed. The thromboelastogram was recorded in citrated blood by means of a two-channel computerized Coagulation Analyzer (TEG® 5000 - Hemoscope, USA) and applied diagnostic program. Such parameters as R (min), K (min), Ang (°), MA (mm) were taken into consideration; no significant difference was found in parameters between mares and foals.

Analysis of health condition, milk production and reproduction of cows when using in rations food additives based on needles

In order to increase the productivity of dairy cows and maintain their health, the search for complex food additives with multifactorial positive properties is continuously carried out. A scientific and economic experiment of a new food additive based on needles developed by the technical and research centre “Khiminvest” has been conducted. The experiment has been conducted by the method of groups-analogues on highly productive cows.

Breeding black-motley cattle for productive longevity

The article presents the results of black-motley cattle linear breeding in the Vologda region. The linear dependence of black-motley cows’ useful life has been established both in purebred animals and in crosses with Holstein sires.

Quality of the green mass of grass at farms of the Vologda region

The article outlines the regulatory requirements for assessing the quality of green fodder and the actual nutritional value of green mass at farms of the Vologda region. More than 100 green mass samples were investigated for the period 2016 - 2018.


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