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Biochemical blood status in the intact pregnant cows and in those infected with the bovine leukemia virus

The aim of the research is to determine the differences of biochemical blood parameters in the intact cows and in those infected with the bovine leukemia virus (BLV). The feeding and keeping conditions for the livestock of both the control and experimental groups were similar, provided by the technology of the farm. Studying the blood samples was performed using traditional laboratory diagnostics methods. The results of the study were processed using biometric methods with determining the level of confidence based on the Student’s criterion.

Maize cultivation in conditions of high soil fertility and its diversity: macro-factor approach to modern agronomy

The research conducted on corn silage cultivation in 2009-2019 in the conditions of the agricultural enterprise “Mazolovogaz” AC at “Vitsebskoblgaz” UE allowed us to determine the main directions for optimizing the soil structure for silage, which should be reduced to 15.0-20.0% with an increase in productivity.

Influence of manure, cover crops and combinations of them with a degrader of stubble on soil fertility and crop yields

The work gives a comparative assessment of the effect of manure, green manure and combinations of them with a stubble degrader on the supply of dry biomass, accumulation of total carbon in the arable layer of meadow-chernozem soils, crop yields and quality of crop production. The current research has shown that the effect and aftereffect of oilseed radish green manure, legume green manure and oilseed radish green manure combined with a stubble degrader fallow lands have not been inferior to the manure fallow land in terms of biomass accumulation.

Technological aspects of increasing the productive longevity of dairy herds

The research has been carried out to establish the duration of productive use of breeding stock in the breeding farms of the Omsk region. As far as the productive use duration, the cows kept in free stall housing are found to have a significant advantage compared to the tied cows, the difference being 177 days or 17.2 %. A negative correlation has been established between the abundance of milk and the duration of productive use of cows in tied herds.


Sown fallow land as a predecessor of winter wheat in organic crop farming of the Lower Volga region

The article presents the research results on the effectiveness of fallow lands with green manure crops as predecessors for winter wheat in reproducing the fertility of light chestnut soils, productivity and quality of winter wheat grains in organic crop farming of the Lower Volga region. The research has shown that replacing summer fallow with a fallow with phacelia as a green manure crop increases the supply of organic matter to the soil in comparison with the control variant by 3.09 t / ha, ensures a positive balance of organic matter +4.05 t / ha.

Аftereffect of the biomodified organic-mineral fertilizers on agro-podzolic soil

One of the tasks facing the agrochemistry is the search for fertilizers of prolonged action, with the gradual release of nutrients and having aftereffect. Under the conditions of a stationary field experiment on soddy-medium-podzolic light loamy soil in the conditions of the Northern Non-Black Soil Zone, the effectiveness of organic- mineral fertilizer (OMF) made on the basis of lowland peat with the addition of macro- and microelements, as well as humic acids manufactured by OAO the Buyskiy Chemical Plant has been studied.

Monitoring the viability of dairy cows

The article presents a working model for monitoring the basic body processes in animals. The main approaches to the implementation of the proposed model are described and disclosed. It has been indicated that the requirements for assessing feed quality and actual nutritional value include the task core to be solved not only in order to control viability, but also to increase the dairy farming efficiency at agricultural enterprises of the Vologda region.

The effect of biologies on calega orientalis pests

On sod-weakly podzolic soil with a humus content of 2.6% that is in the Vologda region the pests such as striped, moth-like sitona, clover seed-eaters, various bedbugs and fleas were registered on Galega orientalis crops. A fairly high efficiency (85.2-90.4%) of the bitoxibacillin (BTB), P biologies against pests with a consumption rate of 4 kg/ha was established. The efficiency of dendrobacillin, P biopreparation with a consumption rate of 4 kg/ha was 62.5-87.6 %.

Influence of the humic-fulvate complex on growth, development and quality of basil production (Ocimumbasilicum L.)

Studies on the influence of the humic-fulvate complex on the growth and development of basil plants (Ocimumbasilicum L.), and the accumulation of essential oil in the green mass have been carried out. The investigations were conducted in the fields of the experiment station of the Russian State Agrarian University - the Moscow Agricultural Academy named after K. A. Timiryazev in 2017-2018. The soil of the experimental plot was sod-podzolic, the humus content was 2.2%, total nitrogen 35.7 mg / kg, P2O5 - 235 mg / kg, potassium 180 mg / kg, pH of the aqueous extract 6.0.

Rating of Ayrshire servicing bull estimation according to selection features

Estimation of servicing bulls according to the offspring quality is one of the main items in selection process, which allows determining the strategy of herd improving in breeding, productive and conformation features. The research has been carried out in the Ayrshire cattle herd in agricultural production cooperative Mayskiy Plemzavod, the Vologda District, the Vologda Region.


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