Сельскохозяйственные и ветеринарные науки

Improve the feeding standards of gobies raised for meat

The article describes the results of the study of the effects of different levels of general and protein nutrition, diets with a reduced level of protein, the effect of synthetic lysine and methionine on digestive and metabolic processes, the growth intensity of young cattle and their meat productivity. According to the results of the study, the norm of fiber in the diets of gobies fed at year-round sites in winter conditions was established.

Nutrition and behavior study of reserve heifers kept on various diets

The article describes the study results of nutrition and behavior influence in reserve heifers kept on various diets. According to the results, it has been established that the diet type forms the certain direction of digestive processes in calves. The diet containing haylage enhances the gastric digestion of the calves and contributes to a high level of digestion. Solo-fodder reduces gastric levels and enhances intestinal digestion and somewhat reduces overall nutrient digestibility.

Hematological Blood Values of Store Pigs According to the Automated Analysis Data

Pig breeding, as an independent livestock sector in Russia, has been developing steadily since 2008. This was facilitated by the adoption of the agricultural development program, which assumed an increase in state support for the agro-industrial complex. However, the intensification of pork production places high demands on the quality of livestock, which necessitates the use of breeds, types and lines that can withstand the loads of modern industrial technology without reducing productivity.

Influence of humic substances on yield, quality and keeping qualities of red beet

The research carried out in the Pskov region on sod-podzolic mediumloamy soil during 2017-2019 has shown, that Lignogumat potasssic and Gidrogumin humic preparations increase the field germination of such three varieties of the table beet as Bona, Krasnaya Koroleva and Mulatka by 10-17% in pre-sowing seed preparation.

Forming professional competences in training of a breeder-zootechnician

Pursuing the strategic priorities of agricultural development imposes high requirements for the professional skills of specialists. Implementing professional standards requires new methodological approaches to the formation of educational programs for training breeders-zootechnicians on the basis of the modular-competency approach which ensures training specialists for agricultural organizations who will be able to implement the federal science and technology program of developing Russian agriculture.

Agrotechnological features of creating a highly effective poly-species mixture of annual forage crops

Long-term studying (2009-2020) the agrotechnological features of creating mixtures of annual forage crops in various economic conditions allowed to establish innovative possibilities for implementing a rational synchronization effect on the quantitative and qualitative components in producing this type of forage agricultural products. The overall economic effect of using the proposed innovation is 395.6 rubles (rus) per point-hectare of arable land.

Prevention of embryonic mortality in recipient cows

The results of research on the prevention of fetal mortality in recipient cows using a combination of anesthetic and sedative agents to relieve the stress response conducting embryo transplantation are presented. It is noted that during sacral anesthesia with 2% novocaine solution and intramuscular administration of 0.5 ml/ 100 kg of xylanite solution before embryo transplantation, the physiological parameters were within the limits of the physiological norm.

Еfficiency of ayrshirized red range grain-fed cattle taking into account genetic and paratypical factors to increase milk production at a breeding farm

The article analyses the efficiency of using the Ayrshire breed gene pool to improve the red range grain-fed cattle. The results have been presented and the corresponding conclusions on the further use of crossing red range grain-fed cattle with the Ayrshire breed semen for quality indicators of milk productivity under the conditions of a breeding farm have been drawn. The dependence of milk productivity and live weight of first-calf heifers at different age periods has been determined.

Аntiplatelet therapy for parvovirus enteritis in dogs by age 2 to 6 months

The paper presents the results of the use of antiplatelet therapy for parvovirus enteritis in dogs by age 2 to 6 months. The study involved 30 dogs by age 2 to 6 months, who were diagnosed with parvovirus enteritis. They were divided into 2 groups of 15 dogs, one group used standard therapy, the second group, in addition to standard therapy, used antiplatelet therapy.

The correlative dependence of sires gametogenesis on heliophysical factors

 There has been identified the bulls with the maximum ejaculate volume

belonging to the line Montvik Chieftain 95679, exceeding by 23,5% on this parameter

bulls of the Simmental lines. The bulls of different genotypes show a reliable negative

correlation in the main signs of sperm production with cosmophysical indicators of solar

and geomagnetic activity. The Raphael’s 3111 lines bulls have been more sensitive to

the learned factors of cosmic influence than Bravo’s 6802 line bulls. Among the Holstein


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