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The impact and results of using sires in dairy cattle populations in the Vologda region

Studies were conducted on controlled populations of dairy cattle of

Ayrshire, Kholmogory, Yaroslavl, black-and-white breeds of breeding farms in the

Vologda region. It has been revealed that the sires of domestic selection have a greater

degree of influence on the productive indices of their daughters than foreign ones do.

The calculation of the breeding value of bulls in terms of their daughters’ productivity

has been carried out, and on the basis of a comparative analysis the best producers

Biological and productive features of black-motley cows with various milking techniques

The research was carried out at an enterprise in the Sverdlovsk region. Two groups of black-motley cows were formed: the first including cows of free stall housing with a robotic milking system; the second having tied cows that were milked into the milk pipeline. It was found that udder measurements of animals of the first group had greater values than those of the second group.

The effect of fish skin mucus on hemostasis indicators of some animal species in vitro in comparison with collagen

Modern pharmacology is actively searching for new sources of natural peptides and developing new methods of their synthesis for further introduction of protein preparations into production, so it is necessary to identify the natural sources of biologically active peptides, such as fish skin mucus.

Grazing efficiency of cattle

Scientific and production experience has been carried out to study the value of the herbs of alpine meadows, where livestock are fed and achieve good results. It is advisable to use natural mountain and pre-mountain pastures for feeding livestock if they begin to be grassed after growing 15-17 cm According to the results of our research, concentrated feeds are also most efficiently used as feeding at the final stage of the burning, that is, during the preparation of livestock for sale for meat.


Lifetime use of cows from different breeding bulls

The article presents the influence of the birthplace in Ayrshire producers from Vologda region on the lifetime productivity and terms of using their daughters in the breeding plants (Krasnaya Zvezda and Maysky  integrated agricultural production  companies). The selection influence on using of daughters is found out, namely high lifetime productivity indicators are typical for cows from imported producers, longevity and high fat content for the descendants of domestic bulls.


Microscopic fungi and their metabolites as a threat to animal and human health

In mycological studies of grain samples from agricultural enterprises of the Ryazan region microscopic fungi of the genera Aspergillus and Fusarium were identified. To confirm grain viability, grain contamination with mycotoxins and fungi, and to differentiate the sown grain from the feed grain luminescent diagnostics was used. The method of immuno-enzyme analysis revealed the following mycotoxins: zearalenone, T-2 toxin, deoxynivalenol. The excess of the maximum permissible concentration of deoxynivalenol was found.

Economically useful characteristics of Holsteinized black-and-white cows and correlations between them

The analysis of interdependence between productivity and the A system parameters of a linear exterior evaluation among the daughters of bull-producers of different origin suggests a practical need in exterior evaluation and its interdependence with productivity in a separate herd under specific natural and economic conditions. The revealed high correlation coefficients between the main economically useful characteristics in the offsprings of foreign breeding producers indicate that the selection of any characteristic will have a positive impact on other ones.

Kappa-casein and diacylglycerol O-acyltransferase gene polymorphism in black-and-white cattle

Polymorphism has been studied and occurrence frequency of genotypes and alleles by genes of kappa-casein and diacylglycerol O-acyltransferase in first-calf heifers and highly productive black-and-white cows of different genealogical lines has been determined. The highest frequency of CSN3 AB genotype (34.7% and 38.9%) and CSN3 BB genotype (10.2 and 5.6%) has been registered in the first-calf heifers of M. Chiftein and R. Sowering line at the B allele frequency of CSN3 gene – 0.28 and 0.25.

Dynamics of dairy cattle breeding development in the European North of the Russian Federation

 The article presents the research results on the quantitative and

qualitative characteristics of dairy cattle populations and breeding farms in the European

North of the Russian Federation. Nowadays, taking into account the current political and

economic situation of the livestock sector management, the problem of preserving the

number of dairy cattle breeds and increasing cow’s milk productivity is quite pressing.

     In the European North of the Russian Federation, there has been found the

Features of natural resistance and physiological-biochemical status in calves with diarrhea signs

The aim of the study is to establish correlation links between the indices of natural resistance, morpho-biochemical and coagulation blood composition in calves.

Black-and-white calves up to 30 days old have been divided into 2 groups: healthy calves and calves with dyspepsia. Hematological and statistical methods of investigation are used in the work.


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