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To the problem of cow`s idle milking

The article theoretically confirms the inevitability of cow`s idle milking caused by uneven development of udder quarters and varying duration of cow`s milking in a group. The mathematical dependence of milking machines over-exposure on the udder depending on the number of milking machines used and the time of preparatory-final operations has been determined.

The technological process model of post-harvest grain processing

A large number of technological operations and technical means, the complex nature of relationships between individual operations make it necessary to consider post-harvest grain processing as a large or complex system. In the article the technological process model of post-harvest seed grain processing that is applicable for the analysis of the factors determining a technological process, scientific justification of ways and methods that save energy at post-harvest seed grain processing is presented.

Bioavailability Estimation for Canned Dairy Product on the Basis of Soy Protein Isolate

In the work the biological value of a canned dairy product developed on the basis of soy protein isolate and a control sample has been compared. For estimation the following criteria have been taken: the ratio of amino acid profile balance, the index of comparable redundancy, the index of irreplaceable amino acids and the ratio of utility attitude. As a result, it has been found that the developed product exceeds the control sample in all the above mentioned estimation criteria.

Use of cheese whey in formulations of fermented beverages

The article deals with the possibility of using cheese whey in the technology of fermented beverages. The composition of a multicomponent starter giving probiotic properties to drinks is established. The milk whey base composition of beverages is established considering the activity of starter microflora development, biological value increase, improvement of organoleptic property and consistency of finished products. Herbal additions and the rational proportion of their introduction has been adopted.

Yogurt for preschool and schoolchildren

The present article gives the recipe of the fermented milk product with malt and malt extract intended for feeding preschool and schoolchildren. The authors have produced the product samples and have studied their organoleptic as well as physical and chemical quality indicators, which proved that the developed product meets the regulatory requirements according to the basic parameters, the exception being the sucrose content.

Indicators of ice cream quality with the NF-concentrate of curd whey

The influence of whey concentrate obtained by nano-filtration on organoleptic characteristics, thermal and dimensional stability of creamy ice-cream is studied. According to experimental data the curves of melting are built, their mathematical processing is carried out and the resulting equation to calculate the average speed of the ice cream with different concentration of whey protein concentrate melting is obtained. Generalized results of the taste analysis are presented graphically in the form of profile diagrams.

Using the engine heat for grain pre-drying in the combine harvester

A device for grain pre-drying in a combine harvester has been suggested. The device uses the engine heat and is applied in direct combining.

Improving the methods and technology of cream-butter production by the continues cream stirring

The article presents the results of the research on the two-staged flowing method of the physical cream ripening influence on their properties’ changes and cream-butter quality.

Analysis and Optimization of Parameters of Drying Flax Bales

The article justifies the necessity of final drying flax bales while harvesting in adverse weather conditions. The main parameters that control the process of drying flax bales are determined. The article gives the analysis of technical equipment for drying flax bales. The authors propose the device that allows drying flax bales evenly along the height. The experimental research results are given in the article.

Scientific development for the cooling temperature of the concentrated dairy product with sugar and malt extract

A two-stage cooling method of the concentrated dairy product with sugar and malt extract is calculated in the article. The given method is based on the principle that cooling rate must outpace lactose crystallization rate. As a result of a pilot check it was found that two-stage cooling method can improve the quality of a finished product compared to a conventional one due to reducing an average size of lactose crystals.


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