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Analysis and Optimization of Parameters of Drying Flax Bales

The article justifies the necessity of final drying flax bales while harvesting in adverse weather conditions. The main parameters that control the process of drying flax bales are determined. The article gives the analysis of technical equipment for drying flax bales. The authors propose the device that allows drying flax bales evenly along the height. The experimental research results are given in the article.

An alternative replacement for traditional preserving agent in dairy industry

In the laboratory rekombination method samples of concentrated milk product with sugar and malt extract were produced. The developed product was analyzed for physical and chemical, organoleptic and microbiological quality indicators. Besides the vitamin, mineral and carbohydrate composition of concentrated milk product with replacement of 10 % sucrose on malt extract was studied. It was established that the vitamin content increases by 6-9 times, minerals 1.5-3 times. Introduction of malt extract leads to diversity of the carbohydrate profile of the developed product.

Some aspects of low-calorie sweet dishes creation with improved nutritional value

The paper examines the possibility of sweet dishes creating with improved nutritional value on the basis of research data about the utility of dairy whey and non-starch polysaccharides belonging to the class of dietary fibers.

Demineralization and neutralization of cottage cheese whey in the process of nanofiltration

The article studies the process of nanofiltration as a way of cottage cheese wheydemineralizationand neutralization. Using the chemical analysis of the nanofiltration concentrate and filtrate compositions, theoretical dependence of mineral salt and lactic acid removal in the treatmentprocess has been found. Theresearch validates the optimal value of the volumetric concentration factor for cottage cheese whey demineralization and neutralization.

Influence of dry demineralised milk whey on the storage of concentrated milk products

The samples of concentrated milk products have been developed in laboratory conditions. The samples have different proportions of skimmed milk powder replacement on dry demineralized milk whey. These samples have been stored for 14 months and analyzed periodically. As a result, it has been found that physical, chemical and organoleptic properties of the developed products meet in general the requirements of standard documentation for traditional sweetened condensed milk manufacture.

Use of kefir grain microflora in fermented milk product starter

The article studies growthtrends of the main representatives of the kefir grain microflora depending on the cultivation conditions. The study gives the regression equations that allow predicting the change of viable cells of the main fermenting microflora representatives, depending on the fermentation conditions. It is shown that by changing the cultivation conditions, it is possible to adjust the grain startercomposition as well as organoleptic and microbiological characteristics of fermented milk products manufactured with the use of kefir grainmicroflora.

Intensification of lactose crystallization in condensed whey

The article presents the results of the experimental research of crystallizing lactose in 55% solids concentrated nanofiltrate in whey under cyclic temperature conditions and at the general temperature lowering in each cycle.

Innovation technologies of functional products with high pressure application for preserving native protein structure

The article presents the research dealing with the high pressure effect on the secondary conformation of globular proteins. It is shown that this method allows obtaining a protein structure with native conformation in condensed systems. The research contributes to the fundamental understanding of the changes in the protein system properties due to high pressure application, which serves as the basis for this method development intended at getting functional protein ingredients with potential industrial interest in food technology.

Determination of individual reliability indices and rational durability of agricultural tractors

Nowadays the actual problem is an individual approach to optimization and rationalization of machine use parameters. As to individual reliability indices, one of the ways to improve the operation of the machine and tractor park is the choice of the rational service life of tractors. According to the proposed model, it is reasonable to take the tractor out of service when it becomes unprofitable. To verify the proposed model, 10 hauler tractors of 3,0 category, operated in the agricultural enterprises of the Vologda district, Vologda region were subjected to studying during five years.

Ice-cream on the malt extract basis

The article substantiates the ice-cream recipe of using malt extract. Product producing is made as well as its organoleptic and physical-chemical quality indicators are studied, showing the prospective development of the designed product.


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