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System problems of flax growing in Russia and abroad, the possibilities of their solution

The object of research is the flax complex in Russia and abroad. The Russian flax complex includes agrarian farms and enterprises of processing industries (textile, construction, chemical, etc.). The analysis of the crisis situation of raw materials in the Russian flax complex is given: the lack of finance for flax farms, technological backwardness and low technological discipline at the stages of cultivation and primary processing of flax, high costs and uneven quality of the fiber materials. The state of flax complex in the various regions of Russia is reviewed and analyzed.

Foreign experience of sustainable market development of vegetable-growing of protected ground

The category “sustainable market development of vegetables of protected ground” is analyzed on the basis of scientific approaches and positions of scientists and researchers. The author proposes the original concept of analyzed category in relation to the market of greenhouse vegetables, gives items and indicators of sustainable development. The features of the functioning and market development of greenhouse vegetables are considered, all this is essential for agriculture and supply the population with fresh vegetables all year round.

Development of the personnel policy of the agrarian sector of the economy

The author justifies the urgency and necessity of working out a personnel policy of the agrarian sector of the economy, and emphasizes its principal features. This article considers some methodological aspects and proposes a model for the formation and evaluation of the personnel policy based on the system approach. The evaluation of the personnel policy of agricultural organizations in the region is given. The author proposes an approach to improve the methodology for evaluating investment projects, taking into account its personnel policy.

Peculiarities of accounting policy formation by using computer programs

The article describes some peculiarities of accounting policy formation by using computer software for accounting. The results obtained from the study by the example of the popular computer program for bookkeeping have shown that the accounting policy elements and methods of accounting are divided into some groups: realized in the program, unrealized in the program (before entering the program the information needs to be processed by hand), realized in the program (but in documents and not in the accounting policy) and accounting methods which cannot be realized in the program.

Forecast of dairy cattle breeding development in the Smolensk region

The study has proved forecasting as a method of dairy cattle breeding development in the Smolensk region during 2017-2019. The method is based on trend modeling with indicator correction.

The efficiency of exporting dairy products from the Vologda region to the Customs Union countries

The topicality of this research is in determining the effectiveness of exporting dairy products from milk processing plants of the Vologda region to countries abroad both near and far. The aim of the study is to determine the effectiveness of exporting UHT milk from the Vologda region to foreign countries.

Economic justification of using sugar beet harvesters

The article analyzes advantages and disadvantages of the main types of sugar beet combines and presents comparative economic efficiency of their use in modern conditions. Economic efficiency estimate of sugar beet combines is based on estimation of production processes, the main criterion of which is saving operating costs per unit. Economic efficiency of using sugar beet combines has been determined on the basis of calculating operating costs per unit of work, according to the data of the Tambov oblast, Michurinsky district sugar beet farms.

Economic designing elements of dairy farming

The aspects, influencing the effective functioning of the dairy farming are considered: profitability in dairy cattle breeding, cattle breed, the territory, that must be provided with products of dairy cattle, the territory for the construction of the dairy complex. It was established, that with a high productivity of cattle, the ratio of the cost to the cost of selling the product has a dominant role in determining profitability. The permissible limits of the deviation of the profitability increase were determined.

Economic evaluation of preparation of enterprises of agroindustrial complex for innovative development

In the study the directions of innovative development of enterprises of agro-industrial complex under the conditions of economic globalization are revealed, the methods of economic evaluation of enterprises for innovative development have been developed and tested. They allow recognize arising risks timely and take reasonable managerial decisions for the correction of the situation.

Oil flax as a global raw material resource for fiber production

The article presents the analysis of the state of oil flax production in Russia and other countries. The characteristics of the raw material base, sown areas, yield, gross harvest and export of flax seeds, and the state of the oilseed market are considered. The directions of oil flax development have been determined with the aim of significantly increasing the production of flax seeds for the production of food products and increasing the assortment of new pharmaceutical preparations.


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