Ethological individuality as a sign of ayrshire cattle breeding

УДК 636.

Studies having been carried out on animals of Ayrshire breed show that indexes of food, motion and total activity selection can be successfully used as selection signs. Selection of cows on ethological individuality is accompanied by an increase of their milk production. Animals with increased food activity, compared to cows with a low one, have got the rise of milk yield per lactation by 686 kg. Ultra-active cows should be mentioned particularly, productivity of them opposite to infrapassive ones increases by 49%.

Chlorella suspension use in feeding yield heifers of blackand white breed in milk period growth

УДК 636.

The article gives the results of studying on chlorella suspension influence on the yield heifers of black-and white breed. It has been established that feeding crop additions to animals in milk period growth of 0,5kg per head during twenty-four hours brings an increase in average daily gain, feeding activity of heifers along with health conditions optimization.

Developing fertilizer system for lawn grass stands

УДК 635.928

This paper is the result of studying the peculiarities of mineral nutrition of lawn grass stands established on the basis of perennial bottom meadow grasses. In this work the assessment of the main mineral nutrients removal by the top mass of lawn plants during the whole growing season and for each mowing cycle has been given, the doses of mineral fertilizers for each experimental option in active substance and in physical weight have been defined.

The quality of bulky feeds on the farms of the Vologda Region

УДК 636.085

The article presents the results of studying the chemical composition and quality of forage harvested on farms of the Vologda Region. As a result of detailed analysis of roughages and succulents nutritive value it has been revealed that regarding metabolizable energy and crude protein they insufficiently meet the needs of highly productive animals. The proportion of the 1st and 2nd class fodders in 2014 was as follows: 14.1% of hay, 38.5% of haylage, 44. 8% of silage. The analysis of the received data on the nutrients content in roughages and succulent fodders allows to find the causes of their low quality and plan their elimination in the future.

The causes of the disposal of the animals and the main milk productivity indices of cows having different genotypes depending on the method of housing and technology of milking

УДК 636.237.21.082

The causes of the disposal of the animals and the main milk productivity indices of cows having different genotypes depending on the method of housing and technology of milking have been analyzed. For all the evaluated periods the animals which were milked with a robotic system in the free stall barn surpassed the cows which were kept on a leash and milked into the pipeline with the help of milking machines. Along with this, in the cows kept in the free stall barn the limb diseases caused culling more often than in other groups of animals under study.

An alternative replacement for traditional preserving agent in dairy industry

УДК 637.142.22

In the laboratory rekombination method samples of concentrated milk product with sugar and malt extract were produced. The developed product was analyzed for physical and chemical, organoleptic and microbiological quality indicators. Besides the vitamin, mineral and carbohydrate composition of concentrated milk product with replacement of 10 % sucrose on malt extract was studied. It was established that the vitamin content increases by 6-9 times, minerals 1.5-3 times. Introduction of malt extract leads to diversity of the carbohydrate profile of the developed product.

Some aspects of low-calorie sweet dishes creation with improved nutritional value

УДК 637.146.34.4

The paper examines the possibility of sweet dishes creating with improved nutritional value on the basis of research data about the utility of dairy whey and non-starch polysaccharides belonging to the class of dietary fibers.

Demineralization and neutralization of cottage cheese whey in the process of nanofiltration

УДК 637.344.8

The article studies the process of nanofiltration as a way of cottage cheese wheydemineralizationand neutralization. Using the chemical analysis of the nanofiltration concentrate and filtrate compositions, theoretical dependence of mineral salt and lactic acid removal in the treatmentprocess has been found. Theresearch validates the optimal value of the volumetric concentration factor for cottage cheese whey demineralization and neutralization.

Organization and performing the inventory in an enterprise, in an organization

УДК 657.371

The article gives the analysis of the regulatory basis of accounting on the organization and performing the inventory in enterprises, in organizations. The most important issues to be paid attention to during the inventory to avoid non-productive costs are pointed out.

State and prospects of cheese production in Russia

УДК 338.43:637.33

The article presents the importance of cheese in the diet of the population, analyzes the present-day situation and opportunities in the Russian market and offers the prospects of cheese production.

Phytophagous in seed crops of galega orientalis in the Vologda region

УДК 632.7:633.3

Main phytophagous species belonged to the families of Coleoptera, Heteroptera, Homoptera, Lepidoptera are determined on seed crops of Galega orientalis on the sod-alsopozoriti soil. Longstanding research has established the influence of weather on the population dynamics of the pest and high efficiency of decis and bitoxybacillin of 85.5-95.5 %.

Ecological-Faunistic review of Gastropoda (Cuvier, 1795) representatives under the Vologda region conditions

УДК 574.587(91): 594.1(3)

Data on species composition of fresh-water mollusks, representatives of Gastropoda (Cuvier, 1795) under the conditions of the Vologda region are provided. 27 types relating to 10 childbirth: Aplexa (Fleming, 1820), Physa (Draparnaud, 1801), Lymnaea (Lamarck, 1799), Anisus (Studer, 1820), Armiger (Hartmann, 1840), Planorbis (Geoffroy, 1767), Segmentina (Fleming, 1818), Bithynia (Leach, 1818), Valvata (O.F.Müller, 1774), Viviparus (Montfort, 1810) are determined. Dominating look is Lymnaea truncatula, Müller, 1774. The main groups of biotopes are defined.

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