Theoretical prerequisites for studying the seeds ozonation

УДК 631.53.01:612.014.464

The paper presents the theoretical prerequisites for studying the problem of seeds ozonation. The analysis of scientific papers describing the results of experimental studies in the field of agricultural crops seeds ozonation has been carried out. Based on this analysis, the theoretical system for determining the seed germination after treatment with ozone has been proposed. This theoretical approach can be useful for studying the ozone concentration effect on seed germination for further agricultural crops productivity improving.

Pests and diseases on the white mustard testes

УДК 632:633.853.483

On the white mustard testes on soddy-weakly podzolic soil is revealed a complex of pests belonging to the orders Coleoptera, Hymenoptera, Lepidoptera, Homoptera, and five types of fungal diseases. Spraying of 5% Sumi-alpha insecticide with a consumption rate of 0,2 l/ha reduces the number of pests on flea beetles, bedbugs, aphids, blossom veevers, cabbage whites and moths on the 25th day after applying by 90,5-99,3%.

The effect of additives based on fodder yeasts on some biochemical indicators of blood in lactating cows

УДК 636.2.084.523/087.73:612.12

The article presents the results of studying the effect of yeast-based feed additives on metabolism of lactating cows. It has been stated that in the doses recommended by the manufacturer they do not have a negative impact on metabolism. The use of fodder yeasts allows to optimize the level of protein metabolism in animals.

Influence of starter feeds on general clinical, immunological and biochemical characteristics in calves’ blood

УДК 619.612.1:636.085

The article presents the results of the starter feed influence on the blood parameters in repair heifers of black-and-white breed. It is established that feeding starter feeds in the amount of 1.5-1.7 kg per head per day contributes to the positive dynamics of some immunological and biochemical hcaracteristics, improves the immunological status of the body.

Influence of harvesting time of cereal crops on the productivity and the quality of the forage in the conditions of the European North of Russia

УДК 633.11:636.086

The article presents the results of studies on the impact of grain harvesting on the productivity, species composition, nutritional value of grain fodder for 2001-2005. The highest productivity is provided by grains during harvesting in the early phase of wax ripeness of grain. The obtained grain is successfully stored when creating hermetic conditions and using biological and chemical preservatives. Losses during the storage of wet plum grain when using the preservative Biotrof 600 and spruce needles are reduced by 1.5-2.0 times.

Age-related changes in bioenergy potential of acupuncture points in the scapula and shoulder area of calves

УДК 619:615.814.1:636.2

Studying the young cattle bioenergy potential in the scapula and shoulder area in connection with the age of animals has revealed the regularity of the undulating biopotential growth in animals aged 1 to 12 months. From the data obtained during the research it can be concluded that during this period of life the organism of young cattle undergoes a number of significant changes in both morphological, physical and bioenergy development. Biopotential changes at the above mentioned points can be used by veterinarians to determine the pathology of the limbs in the early stages of diseases before the development of clinical signs.

The growth and development of black-motley breed heifers having different feeding activity in the suckling period of growing

УДК 636.

The article presents the results of the research on patterns of growth and development of breeding black-motley breed heifers having different indices of feeding activity in the early stages of suckling growing period. Young animals with high food activity in the initial stage of growing, eventually has intensive metabolism, greater live weight, and earlier maturity. Passive in relation to food animals have a tendency to levelling existing differences. At the same time these animals don’t achieve full compensation in the development by the time of the first insemination.

Influence of the polymorphism complex of κ-casein (CSN3) and prolactin (PRL) genes on the milk productivity of the holstein first calf heifers

УДК 636.082.2:636.034

The presented study is dedicated to the influence of the polymorphism complex of κ-casein (CSN3) and prolactin (PRL) genes, which are responsible for milk quality and milk productivity. The study was carried out among Holstein first calf heifers by Integrated Agricultural Production Centre “Breeding farm named after Lenin” of Atninsky district of the Republic of Tatarstan. DNA samples were separated from blood samples of 261 cows for identification and genotyping according to kappa-casein and prolactin genes by PCR-RFLP analysis method. When considering the gene polymorphism as whole cow-heifers with a complex CSN3AA - PRLAB genotype showed prominent results on milk yield (6648 kg), with a CSN3AA - PRLAA genotype - on percent fat content (3.84%), with a CSN3AB - PRLBB genotype - on percent protein (3.51%), with a CSN3BB - PRLAA genotype - on milk fat (265.2 kg), with a CSN3AA - PRLAB genotype - on milk protein content (210.6 kg). The study didn’t detect PRLBB - CSN3BB genotype complex.

Selection of parent pig pairs by resistency indexes

УДК 636.4.08

In 2015, 18 sows of a large white breed, 72 piglets obtained from these sows and 18 boars from another farm, whose sperm was taken for fertilization of sows, were examined in the Kislov individual entrepreneur farm by resistance indicators. On the basis of blood indices, a new selection index of resistance was developed, which includes bactericidal, complementary and lysozyme activity of blood serum, phagocytic activity and index, taking into account the coefficients of heritability of each feature. Parent pairs were selected for resistance indices, which had a positive effect.

Methods of estimation and selection of pigs by resistance indices

УДК 636.4.08

The article deals with the study carried out on the sows of a large white breed and their offsprings. It has been established that the sow resistance is positively associated with their reproductive qualities. A new breeding resistance index is developed. Selecting of one-month old replacement gilts of a large white breed by the new methods of resistance has had a positive result.

Yogurt for preschool and schoolchildren

УДК 637.146.34

The present article gives the recipe of the fermented milk product with malt and malt extract intended for feeding preschool and schoolchildren. The authors have produced the product samples and have studied their organoleptic as well as physical and chemical quality indicators, which proved that the developed product meets the regulatory requirements according to the basic parameters, the exception being the sucrose content.

Use of cheese whey in formulations of fermented beverages

УДК 637.146.003.13

The article deals with the possibility of using cheese whey in the technology of fermented beverages. The composition of a multicomponent starter giving probiotic properties to drinks is established. The milk whey base composition of beverages is established considering the activity of starter microflora development, biological value increase, improvement of organoleptic property and consistency of finished products. Herbal additions and the rational proportion of their introduction has been adopted.

Bioavailability Estimation for Canned Dairy Product on the Basis of Soy Protein Isolate

УДК 637.14

In the work the biological value of a canned dairy product developed on the basis of soy protein isolate and a control sample has been compared. For estimation the following criteria have been taken: the ratio of amino acid profile balance, the index of comparable redundancy, the index of irreplaceable amino acids and the ratio of utility attitude. As a result, it has been found that the developed product exceeds the control sample in all the above mentioned estimation criteria.

The technological process model of post-harvest grain processing

УДК 631.563

A large number of technological operations and technical means, the complex nature of relationships between individual operations make it necessary to consider post-harvest grain processing as a large or complex system. In the article the technological process model of post-harvest seed grain processing that is applicable for the analysis of the factors determining a technological process, scientific justification of ways and methods that save energy at post-harvest seed grain processing is presented.

To the problem of cow`s idle milking

УДК 637.116.4:636.2.034

The article theoretically confirms the inevitability of cow`s idle milking caused by uneven development of udder quarters and varying duration of cow`s milking in a group. The mathematical dependence of milking machines over-exposure on the udder depending on the number of milking machines used and the time of preparatory-final operations has been determined. To exclude the idle milking the using of milking machine supplied with a device for quaternary control of milking intensity has been offered.The effectiveness of milking machines supplied with devices for quaternary control of the intensity of milk yield has been shown.

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