Selecting ingredients of protein-carbohydrate gel formulation for athletes nutrition on the basis of curd whey concentrate obtained by nanofiltration

УДК 637.344.8

The need for using NF-concentrate in the production of sports products of carbohydrate-protein profile, popular in most sports, has been proved. The selection of ingredients of protein-carbohydrate gel formulation for athletes nutrition on the basis of NF-concentrate was performed. It has been found that it is advisable to use κ-carrageenan in an amount of 1% as a thickener and stabilizer, KSB-UF80 in an amount of 5% to 15% – as a source of animal proteins, syrups «Rosehip» and «Rosehip and black currant» in an amount of not more than 10 % – as a source of non-dairy carbohydrates and an ingredient to improve and enhance the taste of the product.

Production and characteristic of biologically active preparations from cattle bone meal

УДК 616-003.725

The problem of an ageing population is relevant for the whole world and for Russia in particular. The object of the research is cattle bone meal (CBM) proteoglycans. The methodology of the work included preparing a bone meal extract, a cluster silver solution, separating proteoglycans by electrophoresis, determining the uronic acids content in the investigated preparations by the carbazole method, defining the total polyanions content, chondroitinase activity. Then, high performance liquid chromatography for fractionating proteoglycans and MMT analysis were performed. It was determined that the bone meal extract preparation has biological activity. The investigated preparations, comparable in protein content, were tested for their ability to influence the survival of lymphocytes, healthy human B-cells. The preparation under study — CBM extract purified by using cluster silver — showed sensitivity to chondroitinase A, B, C, comparable to Theraflex and chemically homogeneous chondroitin, which gives ground to conclusion about the presence of chondroitin sulfates A, B, and C in the investigated preparation. The process of isolating biologically active components from CBM is described, which is characterized as chondroitin and heparan sulfates. The research results allowed obtaining biological preparations from meat production wastes that have biological activity and can be positioned as chondroprotectors similar to commercial preparations. In addition, the studies on cell culture have shown that extracts can replace animal blood serum, which is the most expensive cell culture reagent. The development and production of such preparations as the described CBM extract for scientific research would allow in the future to replace an expensive reagent with a much more economical domestic analogue, which has the prospect of being in demand.

Methodical aspects of determining cheese ripeness

УДК 637.3.05

The purpose of this work is to choose a method for cheese ripeness determination that meets the requirements of speed and reproduction in production testing laboratories without complex hardware design. The relevance of the work is dictated by the need to confirm the cheese ripeness degree in a way that is independent of the human senses, in case of controversial situations of the customs valuation of imported cheeses as well as in case of their sale in the trading network. The brief review presents currently known methods for cheese ripeness determination, which are based on the methods of organoleptic analysis and measurement of individual parameters of the chemical or physical cheese properties, which change when it ripens. They include the buffer capacity of cheese, the degree of proteolysis or lipolysis, the ability to fluoresce in ultraviolet rays and produce the sound on impact. The authors highlight the importance of organoleptic methods in assessing cheese ripeness, since all other methods, based on the measurement of one or another composition or property parameter, are guided by the results of organoleptic tests in determining the reference values of these parameters that correspond to the conditional cheese ripeness state. The method of cheese ripeness determination in relation to the mass fraction of water-soluble products of protein hydrolysis to the total mass fraction of protein by the Kjeldahl method requires clarifying and improvement. Techniques that allow evaluating the fractional composition of cheese proteins by using electrophoresis methods in polyacrylamide gel, gel filtration of high-resolution, gas-liquid chromatography, are more reasonable for scientific research, but not for the fastest control in routine analyzes. In the authors’ opinion, the method for cheese ripeness determination according to the buffer capacity (the Shilovich method) is the most suitable for the assigned tasks, but its use requires standardizing the procedure of taking measurements, considering the modern instrumentation of titrimetric analysis. For modern conditions, the Shilovich method can be improved by applying potentiometric titration to a preset pH value to determine the buffer capacity of cheese, which does not require the use of indicators and allows increasing the accuracy of measurements.

The research of using vegetable raw materials in the production of a curd product

УДК 637.051

The paper deals with the formula of the curd product containing vegetable filling (pureed baked carrot). There are the results of calculation energy and nutritional value in the finished product. The factors affecting consumer demand are considered in the article. The research results are the calculated cost of the new curd product with vegetable filling pureed baked carrot.

Curd dessert products with functional properties and increased nutritional value

УДК 637.146

This work investigates the possibility of using skimmed milk and nanofiltration concentrate (NF-concentrate) of curd whey in the technology of curd dessert products with functional properties. Technological modes and rational proportions of NF-concentrate addition into the curd base are established to increase the biological value of the products. Fruit fillings are selected and the preferred proportion of their application is determined. The biological value of curd desserts is investigated.

Comparison of protein and lipid components of cow’s and goat’s milk, and low-lactose beverages from goat milk

УДК 637.144.5

In this work, the protein and lipid component were calculated in order to select the base of a low-lactose milk beverages. In order to compare protein components of products, the limiting amino acids, Amino Acid Difference Coefficient and the biological value of beverages were identified. Fatty acid balance ratio was calculated by three and five control points to assess the lipid component. The fatty acid balance ratio calculated by three control points included saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. The fatty acid balance ratio calculated by five control points also included omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

The yield of ‘Elizabeth’ potato variety depending on weather conditions and fertilizers

УДК 635.21:631.81

On soddy  podzolic medium  loamy soil of the Vologda region using

fertilizers in N20P20 dose while planting caused a reliable increase in potato yield of 5.4

t/hectare in comparison with control.The potato yield received when precisely calculated

doses of fertilizers were applied increased by 10.7-15.9 t/hectare (76-114%). Mineral

fertilizer system with the maximum dose of potash fertilizers and organic mineral system

differed insignificantly in their impact on the yield of tubers.Applying fertilizers both in

minimum and precisely calculated doses increased the productivity of by-products by

41-123% in comparison with control. Applying mineral doses of fertilizers reduced the

starch content in comparison with control by 0.1-0.2% in absolute value. Precisely

calculated systems of fertilizers increased the nitrates content in comparison with

applying fertilizers only while planting (N20P20) by 36-51%. The nitrates content in

potato tubers in applying precisely calculated systems of fertilizers was about 70-78% of

maximum allowable concentration. The yield of tubers and vegetable tops substantially

depended on weather and agrotechnical conditions, by 33 and 35% respectively, mostly

on fertilizers - by 60%.

Features of natural resistance and physiological-biochemical status in calves with diarrhea signs

УДК 636.2:591.1

The aim of the study is to establish correlation links between the indices of natural resistance, morpho-biochemical and coagulation blood composition in calves.

Black-and-white calves up to 30 days old have been divided into 2 groups: healthy calves and calves with dyspepsia. Hematological and statistical methods of investigation are used in the work.

Biochemical parameters in cows vaccinated with a multi-valent vaccine against infectious rhinotracheitis, viral diarrhea, parainfluenza-3, respiratory syncytial, rota- and coronavirus infection in cattle

УДК 619:612.11/12

Biochemical parameters of blood serum of cows vaccinated with multivalent vaccine against infectious rhinotracheitis, viral diarrhea, parainfluenza-3, respiratory syncytial, rota-and coronavirus infection have been studied. It has been shown that the vaccine does not affect protein metabolism, mineral metabolism, and does not have hepatotoxic and nephrotoxic effects on the animal body.

Treatment-and-prophylactic actions at mastitis of cattle

УДК 619:636.2.034:618.19-002

Dairy cattle breeding plays an important role to provide the country’s population with food. The necessary condition for intensive breeding is the preservation of the health of the cattle mother stock. Mastitis is the most common disease that leads to reduced dairy productivity and non-compliance of milk with veterinary and sanitary standards. As a result of the studies, a promising scheme of mastitis treatment, showing 100% therapeutic effectiveness, was compiled and tested.

Insecticide effect on sinapis alba pests

УДК 632.7.04/.08:632.93

The most common pests have been identified on the seed crops of wild mustard on the sod-weakly podzolic soil of the Vologda region. They are wavy cabbage flea, black cabbage flea, rapeseed pollen beetle, cabbage bugs, herbal bugs, mustard bugs and cabbage aphids. A high efficiency of insecticides against pests has been established. Among them are Sumi-alpha, CE with a flow rate of 0.2 l /ha-93.5-99.3 %; Karate Zeon, ISS with a flow rate of 0.1 l/ha – 90.5-93.5% and Fastak, CE with a flow rate of 0.1 l / ha – 84.5-90.5 %.

Influence of energy supplement «Avatar» on reproductive quality and milk productivity of cows

УДК 636.084/

A scientific-economic experiment was conducted on highly productive black and white cows by the method of analog groups on the basis of one of the best farms of the Vologda region to identify the effectiveness of energy supplement “Avatar” produced by “AgroBalt Trade”. The experiment was conducted on cows in a transit period. Different dose combinations were tested. The effectiveness of the energy supplement “Avatar” on milk production at a dose of 500 g before calving and 700 g after calving was revealed. The economic efficiency of the supplement was 80.92 rubles per cow per day.

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