Биологические и сельскохозяйственные науки

Current state and main directions of technological development of dairy cattle in the Russian Federation

The paper presents analytical materials of the current state of dairy cattle breeding in the Russian Federation. It was established that the number of cows is declined and gross milk production doesn’t grow. Moreover, a stable increase in the productivity of cows did not compensate for losses of gross milk production due to the decrease in the number of cows.

Blood fibrinogen dynamics in fish under stress

The paper presents the research results of blood fibrinogen in carps under stress. It is established that the coagulation processes have accelerated under hypoxic stress by the 4th day of the experiment.

The dynamics of number, indices of productivity and economic use in the breed populations of dairy cattle

The article presents the results of monitoring the number of livestock, the indices of dairy cows productivity and the period of their economic use in the populations of Ayrshire, Holstein, Kholmogory, Black and White, Yaroslavl breeds in all categories of farms of the Vologda region. Based on the data from yearbooks on breeding on dairy cattle breeding farms of the Russian Federation the dynamics in the number of evaluated cattle and cows according to their breed populations for 2012-2016 has been defined.

Age-related changes in bioenergy potential of acupuncture points in the scapula and shoulder area of calves

Studying the young cattle bioenergy potential in the scapula and shoulder area in connection with the age of animals has revealed the regularity of the undulating biopotential growth in animals aged 1 to 12 months. From the data obtained during the research it can be concluded that during this period of life the organism of young cattle undergoes a number of significant changes in both morphological, physical and bioenergy development.

Influence of harvesting time of cereal crops on the productivity and the quality of the forage in the conditions of the European North of Russia

The article presents the results of studies on the impact of grain harvesting on the productivity, species composition, nutritional value of grain fodder for 2001-2005. The highest productivity is provided by grains during harvesting in the early phase of wax ripeness of grain. The obtained grain is successfully stored when creating hermetic conditions and using biological and chemical preservatives. Losses during the storage of wet plum grain when using the preservative Biotrof 600 and spruce needles are reduced by 1.5-2.0 times.

Influence of starter feeds on general clinical, immunological and biochemical characteristics in calves’ blood

The article presents the results of the starter feed influence on the blood parameters in repair heifers of black-and-white breed. It is established that feeding starter feeds in the amount of 1.5-1.7 kg per head per day contributes to the positive dynamics of some immunological and biochemical hcaracteristics, improves the immunological status of the body.

The effect of additives based on fodder yeasts on some biochemical indicators of blood in lactating cows

The article presents the results of studying the effect of yeast-based feed additives on metabolism of lactating cows. It has been stated that in the doses recommended by the manufacturer they do not have a negative impact on metabolism. The use of fodder yeasts allows to optimize the level of protein metabolism in animals.

Pests and diseases on the white mustard testes

On the white mustard testes on soddy-weakly podzolic soil is revealed a complex of pests belonging to the orders Coleoptera, Hymenoptera, Lepidoptera, Homoptera, and five types of fungal diseases. Spraying of 5% Sumi-alpha insecticide with a consumption rate of 0,2 l/ha reduces the number of pests on flea beetles, bedbugs, aphids, blossom veevers, cabbage whites and moths on the 25th day after applying by 90,5-99,3%.

Theoretical prerequisites for studying the seeds ozonation

The paper presents the theoretical prerequisites for studying the problem of seeds ozonation. The analysis of scientific papers describing the results of experimental studies in the field of agricultural crops seeds ozonation has been carried out. Based on this analysis, the theoretical system for determining the seed germination after treatment with ozone has been proposed. This theoretical approach can be useful for studying the ozone concentration effect on seed germination for further agricultural crops productivity improving.

Selection of parent pig pairs by resistency indexes

In 2015, 18 sows of a large white breed, 72 piglets obtained from these sows and 18 boars from another farm, whose sperm was taken for fertilization of sows, were examined in the Kislov individual entrepreneur farm by resistance indicators. On the basis of blood indices, a new selection index of resistance was developed, which includes bactericidal, complementary and lysozyme activity of blood serum, phagocytic activity and index, taking into account the coefficients of heritability of each feature. Parent pairs were selected for resistance indices, which had a positive effect.


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