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The productivity of winter rye on sod-podzolic light loamy soil by using fertilizers and a microbiological preparation

The results of field research conducted on soddy-podzolic light loam soil in the Vologda region established that the use of fertilizers significantly increased the yield of winter rye grain both against the background of the flavobacterin biofungicide and without its use. Depending on the doses of fertilizers and bacterialization with a microbiological preparation, the productivity of straw of winter rye naturally increased, the content of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium in the production increased, the collection of crude protein by grain and the productivity in feed units increased.

Change in feeding value of wheat under the action of magnesium and zinc complexanates

В лабораторных условиях и полевом опыте исследована возможность увеличения кормовой ценности яровой пшеницы при использовании комплексных соединений магния и цинка на основе этилендиаминдиянтарной кислоты. Обнаружено, что комплексонат цинка эффективно увеличивает содержание фотосинтетических пигментов в зелёных частях растений, белка в зерне и урожайность пшеницы. Комплексонат магния в несколько меньшей степени влияет на эти показатели.

Comparative effectiveness anthelmintic drugs for nematodes in horses

The study on the therapeutic efficiency of drugs on anthelmintic such as al’vet, febtal granules, univerm, panacur pasta, equisect paste for nematodes in horses on the basis of the agricultural production cooperative “Breeding Stud Farm” “Vologodskij” and the Microbiology and epizootology chair of the Vologda State Dairy Farming Academy was presented.

Comparative Evaluation of the Productive Characteristics in Holstein Heifers of Different Selections under the conditions of the Volga Region Forest Steppe

Modernization of cattle breeding industry in Russia is done by creation of a large dairy farms wide network and active breeding of highly productive cattle. During the formation of highly productive herds on dairy farms and complexes is necessary to consider the imported cattle adaptation to the specific conditions of different regions.

An efficient mineral and energy supplement in the rations of highly productive cows

The article discusses the results of scientific and economic experiment carried out on black-motley breed cows on the use of mineral and energy supplement, ‘Reactor’, which includes energy components, calcium propionate, betaine and natural sorbent. The complex action of the investigated product had a positive impact on animal productivity. It was established experimentally that using during the transitional period of 250-350 gr. of ‘Reactor’ per head daily allows to increase daily milk yield of cows in the first hundred days of lactation by 9.8 and 14.5% (to 30.3 and 31.6 kg vs.

The effect of fertilizers on the vital functions of spruce in a blueberry spruce forest

The effect of fertilizers on physiological processes intensity and spruce growth in a 120 year-old blueberry spruce forest of the IVth quality grade has been studied. The study describes the change in the root respiration intensity, photosynthesis, transpiration, concentration of photosynthetic pigments, moisture content of spruce needles and their biometric parameters under the influence of mineral fertilizers (urea, double superphosphate and potassium chloride).

Effect of different milk production technology on milk yield of cows and somatic cell maintenance

The article provides the information on the results of the study of quantitative and qualitative indicators of milk and somatic cells based on the method of keeping and cows’ milking technology. The influence of the technology of the milk yield on the somatic cells maintenance is established.

The impact of variability of the type of Siberian cedar by seed scale apophysis on the seed peel firmness

The seed peel firmness of Siberian cedar morphological forms (by seed scale apophysis) has been studies. The existence of differences on the seed peel firmness indicators between the forms is theoretically based by the nutcracker’s activity. The results of the experiments prove the given assumption. It is shown that nuts from the cones with plain apophysis type require the relatively less maximum power and tension, but more time on their cracking. To use the seeds of the given morphological trees’ forms is prospective for the production of cedar kernel.

Influence of thinning out and nitrogen fertilizers on photosynthesis and growth of spruce in birch forests of myrtillus type

The effect of different nitrogen doses and cutting on the rate of physiological and growth processes has been studied in birch forests of blueberry type in taiga zone. It has been established that nitrogen has got little effect on the vitality and growth of spruce in mature birch forests because of the light lack. In thinned stands the nitrogen increases the rate of photosynthesis twofold, activates processes associated with the accumulation and subsequent outflow of carbon metabolites from the needles. The result of this nitrogen action is the intensification of growth processes.

Specific measures to prevent helminthiasis in cattle in the Russian North-West non-black soil zone

The general measures of specific prevention of pasturable helmints in cattle based on the rich experience of personal experiments taking into account the species composition, ecology, epizootiology, biology of helmints are presented.


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