Биологические и сельскохозяйственные науки

Theoretical prerequisites for studying the seeds ozonation

The paper presents the theoretical prerequisites for studying the problem of seeds ozonation. The analysis of scientific papers describing the results of experimental studies in the field of agricultural crops seeds ozonation has been carried out. Based on this analysis, the theoretical system for determining the seed germination after treatment with ozone has been proposed. This theoretical approach can be useful for studying the ozone concentration effect on seed germination for further agricultural crops productivity improving.

Selection of parent pig pairs by resistency indexes

In 2015, 18 sows of a large white breed, 72 piglets obtained from these sows and 18 boars from another farm, whose sperm was taken for fertilization of sows, were examined in the Kislov individual entrepreneur farm by resistance indicators. On the basis of blood indices, a new selection index of resistance was developed, which includes bactericidal, complementary and lysozyme activity of blood serum, phagocytic activity and index, taking into account the coefficients of heritability of each feature. Parent pairs were selected for resistance indices, which had a positive effect.

Methods of estimation and selection of pigs by resistance indices

The article deals with the study carried out on the sows of a large white breed and their offsprings. It has been established that the sow resistance is positively associated with their reproductive qualities. A new breeding resistance index is developed. Selecting of one-month old replacement gilts of a large white breed by the new methods of resistance has had a positive result.

The formation of spring triticale structure with different sowing rates

The article discusses the influence of different sowing rates on the spring triticale yield structure in the conditions of Vologda region. The studies are conducted with various seeding rates on the varieties of spring triticale approved for using in the North-West region - Crest and Ukro. The result is that the different seeding rates have a significant effect on the grain yield of spring triticale.

Efficiency of forced molting on lying hen commercial herds

As a result of the studies carried out on the chicken breed «High sex brown» it has been established that by applying forced molting it is possible to increase the period of industrial poultry use on average by 24 weeks what lets to raise egg production efficiency.

Use of starter combined feeds in the ration of black-andwhite replacement heifers

The article presents results of the research dedicated to the influence of starter combined feeds on the growth of black-and-white replacement heifers. It has been found that feeding the animals at the age of 2-5 months with the starter combined feeds in the amount of 1.5-1.7 kg per head daily contributes to greater edibility of feeds and increase in average daily gains while optimizing the animal health condition.

The productivity of winter rye on sod-podzolic light loamy soil by using fertilizers and a microbiological preparation

The results of field research conducted on soddy-podzolic light loam soil in the Vologda region established that the use of fertilizers significantly increased the yield of winter rye grain both against the background of the flavobacterin biofungicide and without its use. Depending on the doses of fertilizers and bacterialization with a microbiological preparation, the productivity of straw of winter rye naturally increased, the content of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium in the production increased, the collection of crude protein by grain and the productivity in feed units increased.

Change in feeding value of wheat under the action of magnesium and zinc complexanates

В лабораторных условиях и полевом опыте исследована возможность увеличения кормовой ценности яровой пшеницы при использовании комплексных соединений магния и цинка на основе этилендиаминдиянтарной кислоты. Обнаружено, что комплексонат цинка эффективно увеличивает содержание фотосинтетических пигментов в зелёных частях растений, белка в зерне и урожайность пшеницы. Комплексонат магния в несколько меньшей степени влияет на эти показатели.

Comparative effectiveness anthelmintic drugs for nematodes in horses

The study on the therapeutic efficiency of drugs on anthelmintic such as al’vet, febtal granules, univerm, panacur pasta, equisect paste for nematodes in horses on the basis of the agricultural production cooperative “Breeding Stud Farm” “Vologodskij” and the Microbiology and epizootology chair of the Vologda State Dairy Farming Academy was presented.

Comparative Evaluation of the Productive Characteristics in Holstein Heifers of Different Selections under the conditions of the Volga Region Forest Steppe

Modernization of cattle breeding industry in Russia is done by creation of a large dairy farms wide network and active breeding of highly productive cattle. During the formation of highly productive herds on dairy farms and complexes is necessary to consider the imported cattle adaptation to the specific conditions of different regions.


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