Биологические и сельскохозяйственные науки

Spruce undergrowth biomass structure in birch forests of various ages

In birch forests of bilberry type in vegetation conditions the influence of age statement of leaf-canopy on biometrical parameters of spruce undergrowth under the Syamzhenskiy district of the Vologda region is studied. It is established that with the birch age increase the conditions for growth and development of conifer undergrowth deteriorate, as a result it changes the biomass structure, morphometrical parameters and age of under canopy needles.

Ecological-Epizootic Monitoring of Helminth Infections in Cattle at Milk-Producing Farms of the Vologda Region

The data of monitoring studies of ecological-epizootic situation on the helminthoses of cattle at dairy farms of Vologda region have been given. The distribution of helminthoses depending on the natural - economic areas, seasonal and age dynamics of helminth infections, time period of helminth infection, associated invasions, the dependence of infected animals on the breed factor and on the animals keeping technology have been studied.

The live weight of broiler chickens in the use of sapropel derivatives in their ration

The research has been conducted on “Ross-308” broiler chickens in the vivarium of Animal Science and Animal Products Processing Chair of the Velikiye Luki State Agricultural Academy in the Pskov Region. The experimental groups have been formed of ten 13-day-old chickens each. The first experimental group has been given mixed fodder and fresh water with a 1% sapropel extract additive (on a volume basis).

Formation of oats productivity under the influence of mineral nutrition background and foliar dressing with preparation Izabion

Тhe investigations were conducted in the Tver region, on the sod medium sandy loam well cultivated soil, there were studied the features of formation of oats productivity under the influence of mineral nutrition background and foliar dressing with preparation Izabion (1 - effective fertility, 2 and 3 and NPK on 3.5 and 4.5 tons of grain per 1 ha).

Trees reproductive ability in human environment of the European North

Green spaces in the central part of Vologda have been inventoried. Phenological observations of flowering and seed maturation phases have been performed. Reproductive ability of the most common types has been studied. Trees which can be used as an original seed materials have been selected. Recommendations for reproduction of the studied species have been prepared.

Influence of field beans «protected» protein on indicators of dairy cows productivity

The article presents the results of studies how field beans subjected to the microwave and chemical treatment influence the productivity of cows and the composition of milk. It has been found that the using in the cows diet of treated corn field beans in an amount of 1,5 kg per head of livestock increases the average milk yield with 4% fat by 5,3-11,1% and the absolute milk protein yield by 2,9-8, 2%.

Turkeys meat quality caused by pre-slaughter factors

Тhe study has been carried out at LLC “Evrodon” in October rural area of the Rostov region in 2016 on BIG-6 turkeys cross.It has been established that the gutted carcass output of males is 19, 77±0.69 kg, what is 11.1 kg more than of females. By-products output is also higher by males (0.13; 0.03; 0.10; 0.36; 0.08; 0.05 kg respectively) for heads, gizzards, wings, feet, liver and hearts. It has been also discovered a greater meat and bones output from males than from females: the difference in figure of fillet, thigh, breast, wing, tail, frame is 3.38; 1.3; 1.26; 0.79; 0.16; 1.33 kg.

Effective additive «Tasco» in the diets of Ayrshire cows

Research on studies of feed additive Tasco, consisting of 96% dried seaweeds, influence on the amount and composition of milk in microelements and in iodine specification as well as reproductive characteristics performed by high-yielding cows are carried out. It is established that the studied product inclusion into cows’ rations by 40 and 60 gr a day per head allowed increase day yields from 29,5 kg to 31,7 and 32,8 kg (by 7,5 and 11,2%) in the first lactation period. The tendency of positive Tasco influence on cows’ reproduction is determined as service-period duration is decreased.

Milk protein composition and its technological properties at Saanen goat’s breed depending on their genotype by beta-lactoglobulin level

The research has been carried out in Vysokogorsk district of the Tatarstan Republic where the protein composition of milk from 80 Saanen goat’s breed by electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel have been studied. It has been found that goat’s and cow’s milk has the similar protein composition. Interspecies differences are more strongly observed in the concentration of individual fractions. It has been found the studied animals in locus β-Lg have two genetic variants: among AA and BB the prevailing one is genotype AA.

Milk yield and properties of the udder Black-and-White and Simmental breeds under usage of a robotic milking system

We analyzed the milk production and the basic properties of udderfresh cows Black-and-White and Simmental breeds using a robotic system of milking. According to different periods of lactation and the basic properties of the udder the cows of Black-and-White breed of dairy productivity trends lead. Therefore, to use a robotic milking system the black-motley breed are more suitable in comparison with the combined productivity of Simmental directions under the purposeful selection.


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