Биологические и сельскохозяйственные науки

Fertilizer mixtures with wastewater sludge on sod-podzolic soils

The article presents the characteristics of mixtures based on wastewater sludge (WWS) and organic elements (sawdust, peat, straw). There is the fertilizers influence on nutritive regime of sod-podzolic soil, experimental crop yield (vetch-oat mixture and winter rye) and their quality.

The results of crossbreeding black-and-white cattle and the Holstein breed in the Vologda region

The article presents the results of crossbreeding black-and-white cattle breed and the Holstein one: population and level of milk production change in holsteinized cattle. It has been found that increasing consanguinity of Holstein breed affects milk yield raising. Moreover, the fat and protein content in milk of different cows genotypes varies slightly. It has been proven that the crossbreeding of black-and-white cattle with the Holstein breed is effective.

The application of bio-preserving agents in the procurement of corn silage in the vologda region Fomenko Polina Anatoljevna, senior researcher

The quality of harvested corn silage with the use of preserving agents and without preserving agents was studied. The nutritional value of corn silage and the production of high quality feed for feeding highly productive animals have been revealed. The positive effect of preserving agents on the quality of corn silage has been established.

Yield, quality and profitability of potato tubers production in the application of fertilizers and chemical means of protection on sod-podzolic medium loamy soil

In the conditions of a field experiment on soddy-weakly podzolic medium loamy soil of the Vologda District, Vologda Region, the effect of applying fertilizer, ‘Lazurit, SP’ herbicide and ‘Albit’ complex preparation on yield and tuber quality of ‘Scarb’ table potato variety has been studied. Their combined application improved the marketability of the tubers, increased the starch content, and reduced nitrates. The profitability of potatoes production has been calculated in current prices of 2017.

Anthropogenic influence of agricultural activity in the Russian region of Lake Peipus

The article presents the results of the research conducted by the State Agricultural Academy of Velikie Luki on the order of the Pskov oblast public organization Chudskoy proekt. The ecological state of land, forest and water bodies in the regions of the Russian Lake Peipus region has been analyzed. The data regarding the interrelation between the agricultural production level and the environment quality have been classified.

Biochemical composition of highly productive cows blood in lactation phases

The article presents results of the study on biochemical blood composition in highly productive cows taking into account the lactation period.


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