Биологические и сельскохозяйственные науки

Methodical approaches to the use of laying hen forced molting

The analysis shows various methods of hen forced molting used in different farms. The methods used nowadays allow increasing the lifetime of laying hens, reducing the duration of molting and identifying stress resistant hens.

The causes of the disposal of the animals and the main milk productivity indices of cows having different genotypes depending on the method of housing and technology of milking

The causes of the disposal of the animals and the main milk productivity indices of cows having different genotypes depending on the method of housing and technology of milking have been analyzed. For all the evaluated periods the animals which were milked with a robotic system in the free stall barn surpassed the cows which were kept on a leash and milked into the pipeline with the help of milking machines. Along with this, in the cows kept in the free stall barn the limb diseases caused culling more often than in other groups of animals under study.

Comparative characteristic of methods for the preparation of muscle cuts for compressor trichinoscopy

The article consideres the methods for the preparation of the tests for the compression trichinoscopy. It gives the results of the determination of the most effective methods to prepare the muscle cuts for the compression trichinoscopy diagnosis.

Vivo diagnosis of dogs Toxocariasis, comparative characteristics of methods’ effectiveness

The results of the comparative diagnostic efficiency of traditional helminthological and serological methods for the diagnostics of toxocariasis dogs T.canis are shown. Epizootological and seroepizootological data on toxocariasis spread in the population of dogs of the city of Vologda are obtained.

The indices of platelet functional ADP-reactivity in different animal species

The article presents the results of studying the platelets adhesive activity and its comparative characteristic in different animal species.

The effect of agrometeorological conditions on the productivity of promising spring triticale varieties

In State Dairy Farming Academy of Vologda Abstract. The article deals with the effect of climatic conditions on growth, developlment and yield of spring triticale varieties in the conditions of the Vologda region. The research was carried out on the following varieties: Scallop, Norman, Ukro, and Amigo. In the research the dates corresponding to the beginning of phenological phases of triticale growth and development have been revealed, yield structure elements and grain quality indices have been defined.

Reproductive ability of extrazonal spiecies

The silvicultural taxation characteristic of English oak has been carried out under the conditions of the Vologda region. The assessment of the reproductive capacity of the species by examining the biometric indicators of acorns and by germination tests has been made. The assessment of natural regeneration has been carried out.

Impact of fluorine industrial contamination on system “soil - fodder - milk”

The article is devoted to the actual problem of the usage of agricultural lands located within the Russian industrial territories contaminated by aluminum industry. Due to the monitoring research findings in the system “soil - fodder - milk” (area of contamination - the Krasnoyarsk aluminum smelter OJSC “RusalKrasnoyarsk”) the content of water-soluble fluorine in the plough layer of soils, awnless brome herbage and hay and in wild grasses. The foundations for restrictions concerning the agricultural usage within the contaminated area were determined was estimated.

Dynamics of pigment fund formation and spruce growth in birch blueberry forest in tree stand ontogeny

The study of growth peculiarities and accumulation dynamics of photosynthetic pigments in spruce undergrowth in birch blueberry forests of different age is made. Methodology is described as well as brief characteristics of experimental objects are given.

Influence of the season on the maintenance of somatic cells in the milk of black-and-white cows under various milking technologies

The article presents the results of the season dependence on the somatic cells quantity in black-and-white cow’s milk according to the milking technology.


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