Биологические и сельскохозяйственные науки

The efficiency of foliar dressings with nano-preparations in increasing the productivity and stability of potatoes to diseases and weeds

As a result of complex investigations conducted in the Tver region in 2013-2015 on well-cultivated soddy medium podzolic sandy loam soil the peculiarities of forming bio-resistance and productivity in three potato varieties (Lyubava, Krasavchik, Nikulinskiy) under the influence of foliar dressings with AgBion-2 and NanoGro preparations having different working liquid concentrations have been studied.

Effects of laser irradiation on hatchability and blood morphological composition of chicken embryos

The effect of laser radiation exposure time on the blood morphological composition and the hatchability of “the White Hubbard” cross chickens embryos has been studied. The incubation eggs have been divided into 5 groups before incubation and exposed to laser irradiation for 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 seconds. Blood for study has been taken on the 20th day of embryo development by dissecting large vessels of the neck. Counting of the blood cells has been carried out by conventional methods.

Exterior features and milk quality of Saanen goats

The purpose of this research was to determine the relation between the exterior characteristics of Saanen goats and their milk productivity. We have studied the Saanen goats population having the body development in accordance with the breed standard. For adult goats the height at the shoulder was 75.4cm as compared to the standard height of 75cm; the height at the hips - respectively 75.7 and 76cm; the body length - 80.2 and 81cm; the chest girth - 86.6 and 88cm. So, the goats showed the optimal index of lengthiness and blockiness for these animals of 109% and 107% respectively.

The interrelation between the higher nervous activity type of the Kholmogory breed cows and their milk productivity

The presented work is the result of studying the influence of the nervous type of the Kholmogory breed cows on their milk productivity in a free stall housing system. These studies clearly demonstrate the advisability of selecting cows regarding their types of higher nervous activity. The average milk yield of animals with a balanced, strong and mobile type of higher nervous activity was 21% higher than in other animals which will make it possible to form more productive herds and increase milk production.

Immunogenetic markers of economically useful features in black-and-white cattle

Many researches have revealed the interdependence of erythrocyte antigens with milk productivity and reproductive ability features. However, there are different antigen factors connected with economically useful features in different herds and breeds. The aim of the research is to establish interdependence of economically useful features with blood group antigens. For this purpose, the estimation of immune genetic status in black-and-white cows has been conducted, and antigen-markers of high milk productivity and animal reproductive ability have been identified.

Use of ethological indices in ayrshire cattle breeding

The article presents data of ethological monitoring of Ayrshire first lactation cows, which are kept in tied confinement during summer. Breeding cows according to the ethological individuality is accompanied by an increase of milk productivity indicators. Animals with high feeding activity have a 967 kg increase per lactation, compared with animals with low feeding activity. The productivity of active and ultra active cows increases by 15.6 -17,2 %, while the coefficient of lactation stability increases by 5 - 9 %, unlike the productivity of infrapassive animals.

Growth and development of spruce undergrowth in uneven-aged birch forests in taiga middle subzone

The influence of uneven-aged birch (blueberry kind of environment vegetation) on spruce undergrowth in Syamzhenskiy district of the Vologda region has been studied. It has been established that the growth and development of spruce plantations depend on the age of the main tree stand. Coniferous undergrowth condition deteriorates with the age of birch.

Various fertilizer system impact on the nitrogen mode features of the sandy sod-podzolic soil

Nitrogen in the sod-podzolic soils is in the minimum and its deficiency, coupled with insufficient and unstable heat regime in the region, reduces the productivity of Northern agrocenoses. On the other hand, excess of nitrogen fertilizers causes an increased mineralization of natural nitric compounds, soil deterioration and weakens natural soil restoration processes.

The application of bio-preserving agents in the procurement of corn silage in the vologda region Fomenko Polina Anatoljevna, senior researcher

The quality of harvested corn silage with the use of preserving agents and without preserving agents was studied. The nutritional value of corn silage and the production of high quality feed for feeding highly productive animals have been revealed. The positive effect of preserving agents on the quality of corn silage has been established.

Yield, quality and profitability of potato tubers production in the application of fertilizers and chemical means of protection on sod-podzolic medium loamy soil

In the conditions of a field experiment on soddy-weakly podzolic medium loamy soil of the Vologda District, Vologda Region, the effect of applying fertilizer, ‘Lazurit, SP’ herbicide and ‘Albit’ complex preparation on yield and tuber quality of ‘Scarb’ table potato variety has been studied. Their combined application improved the marketability of the tubers, increased the starch content, and reduced nitrates. The profitability of potatoes production has been calculated in current prices of 2017.


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