Effective additive «Tasco» in the diets of Ayrshire cows

УДК 636.2.034/087

Research on studies of feed additive Tasco, consisting of 96% dried seaweeds, influence on the amount and composition of milk in microelements and in iodine specification as well as reproductive characteristics performed by high-yielding cows are carried out. It is established that the studied product inclusion into cows’ rations by 40 and 60 gr a day per head allowed increase day yields from 29,5 kg to 31,7 and 32,8 kg (by 7,5 and 11,2%) in the first lactation period. The tendency of positive Tasco influence on cows’ reproduction is determined as service-period duration is decreased. Increase in milk yielding was made by feed costs decrease on the products.

Milk protein composition and its technological properties at Saanen goat’s breed depending on their genotype by beta-lactoglobulin level

УДК 637.12`6:575.22:636.393.9

The research has been carried out in Vysokogorsk district of the Tatarstan Republic where the protein composition of milk from 80 Saanen goat’s breed by electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel have been studied. It has been found that goat’s and cow’s milk has the similar protein composition. Interspecies differences are more strongly observed in the concentration of individual fractions. It has been found the studied animals in locus β-Lg have two genetic variants: among AA and BB the prevailing one is genotype AA. β-Lg genotypes in goats have the same influence on quality and technological properties of milk as in cows; in other words, the best milk quality is characteristic for AA than BB genotype.

Milk yield and properties of the udder Black-and-White and Simmental breeds under usage of a robotic milking system

УДК 636.237.21.082

We analyzed the milk production and the basic properties of udderfresh cows Black-and-White and Simmental breeds using a robotic system of milking. According to different periods of lactation and the basic properties of the udder the cows of Black-and-White breed of dairy productivity trends lead. Therefore, to use a robotic milking system the black-motley breed are more suitable in comparison with the combined productivity of Simmental directions under the purposeful selection.

Determination of the herbs drying coefficients on experimental data

УДК 631.171:55

The method of defining a component equation in drying herbs on the experimental data is developed. Two methods of solving nonlinear algebraic equations with the use of computer systems Mathcad and Microsoft Excel are considered.

Sweet concentrated milk product

УДК 637.142

Samples of sweet concentrated milk product with partial replacement of sucrose to glucose - fructose syrup have been developed. The extract of Jerusalem artichoke has been added into the product. Physical-chemical indicators have been studied in the developed samples. It has been found out that the product generally corresponds to the quality indicators of the traditional sweet condensed milks except that of sucrose.

Technology of concentrated milk products based on liquid curd whey

УДК 637.142:637.146.4

Samples of sweet concentrated milk product with a partial replacement of skimmed milk powder and water on liquid curd whey are produced. Rheological characteristics have been investigated in the produced samples. It is established that the product belongs to pseudo-plastic liquids with quite a high correlation coefficient.

Investigating associative interactions of food hydrocolloids in creating milk-based products

УДК 637.14

The article presents the theoretical basis and practical aspects of using the combinations of non-starch polysaccharides with whey protein. Associative interactions of the used food hydrocolloids for creating new technologies of milk-based products of different textures have been identified and scientifically based.

Study of car-and-tractor diesel 4c4ss (4 cylinder 4 stroke supercharger) 11,0/12,5 work on diesel fuel mixtures with rapeseed oil

УДК 621.436

The article presents the results of the study physico-chemical properties of diesel fuels used in agricultural machinery, with the addition of rapeseed oil and the performance of car-and-tractor diesel 4C4SS (4 cylinder 4 stroke supercharger) 11,0/12,5 (D-245.5S2) when operating on mixed fuels of different composition. The optimal adjustment of the fuel system is established.

Analysis and selection of similarity criteria for modeling of polymer coatings formation processes in repair of agricultural machinery

УДК 621.822.6.004.67: 668.3: 631.3.02

The article reviews the main similarity criteria for simulation of real fluid motion processes; the conditions ensuring the uniformity of the coating have been formulated. The process of polymer coating forming from the polymer solution on the bearing is recommended to analyze using Reynolds number of Re. The difference between the estimated and actual values of parameters for polymeric coating application does not exceed 10%.

Way of reconstructing case parts of agricultural machinery with poly-meric materials

УДК 621.822.6.004.67: 668.3: 631.3.02

The authors suggest a way of reconstructing basic parts using the repair size method. Filment bores are rebored for three repair sizes according to the wear rate. The processed bore is equipped with a new bearing, its outer race being covered with a polymeric coating of adequate thickness providing the junction immobility. The theoretical research has resulted in a model of forming an even polymer coating on the external surface of a rotating cylinder part. The article presents the results of the experimental studies of the dependency of geometrical parameters of the formed polymeric coating on the elements of the application regime and the adhesion of the polymeric coatings made of the F-40C (Ф-40С) elastomer solution having various viscosity degrees.

The vacuum regime of the dual-mode milking machine

УДК 637.116.4.:636

A dual-mode milking machine consisting of four modules (a twophase milking machine for milking in pairs, a module for quarter controlling the milk flow intensity, an electrical pneumatic block, and a milk pneumatic valve) has been designed. If the milk flow intensity in any quarter of the udder is low (less than 50cm3/ min) the milking machine works in the three-phase regime of simultaneous milking. If the milk flow intensity in all quarters is higher than 50cm3/min, the milking machine automatically switches to the two-phase regime of milking in pairs. The dual-mode milking machine is intended to be combined with the milking plant having milk pipeline in the tied cattle housing system. The aim of the vacuum regime research was to asce rtain the efficiency of using the dual-mode milking machine compared to the imported two-phase milking machines InterPuls and Duovac 300. The dual-mode milking machine has a shorter first milking phase completing with a lower underpressure value. It means that the three-phase regime of simultaneous milking leads to a complete reflex of milk flow. A relatively short second phase of milking having a sharp underpressure rise in the teat cup space of the milking machine prototype shows its ability to accomplish the withdrawal of the maximum milk flow while operating in the two-phase regime of milking in pairs. The pattern of changing the underpressure in the teat cup space of the dual-mode milking machine indicates the identity with machine stripping in the last phase of affecting the mammary gland by the three-phase regime of simultaneous milking. The average value of underpressure for the whole period of milking in the teat cup space of the dual-mode milking machine is lower than by using two-phase milking machines InterPuls and Duovac 300, which indicates its more comfortable (gentle) conditions of milk withdrawal.

The live weight of broiler chickens in the use of sapropel derivatives in their ration

УДК 636.52/.58.053:636.087.7:553.973

The research has been conducted on “Ross-308” broiler chickens in the vivarium of Animal Science and Animal Products Processing Chair of the Velikiye Luki State Agricultural Academy in the Pskov Region. The experimental groups have been formed of ten 13-day-old chickens each. The first experimental group has been given mixed fodder and fresh water with a 1% sapropel extract additive (on a volume basis). The second and the third groups have been fed with mixed fodder partially substituted with experimental additives: the second group has received 2.5% of chilled sapropel (on a mass basis), the third group - 10% of sapropel-based green fodder. The chickens have been grown up to the age of 56 days. The most noticeable and regular differences appeared to be between the hens of experimental groups that exceeded the control group in live weight and average daily gains. The comparison of experimental hen groups has revealed some advantage of the second experimental group of broilers. Cock groups are substantially similar, which has considerably influenced the broiler chickens’ total figures.

Сonceptual approaches to forecasting of agricultural development of the Russian European North

УДК 631.145

In this study conceptual approaches to forecasting of agricultural development are introduced as an economic system in conditions of globalization of economics. Long-term forecasts of development of agrarian sector of the European North of the RF have been developed till 2030. The forecasts are based on the author’s suggestions on improvement of the mechanism of the state support, development of scientific and educational potential.

Formation of oats productivity under the influence of mineral nutrition background and foliar dressing with preparation Izabion

УДК 633.13:631.811 (470.331)

Тhe investigations were conducted in the Tver region, on the sod medium sandy loam well cultivated soil, there were studied the features of formation of oats productivity under the influence of mineral nutrition background and foliar dressing with preparation Izabion (1 - effective fertility, 2 and 3 and NPK on 3.5 and 4.5 tons of grain per 1 ha). It was revealed that the greatest influence on the production process of oat plants was characterized the crops processing with working solution Izabion of 1.5% concentration in all mineral nutrition backgrounds (dose rate was 3.75 liter of the preparation in 250 l of water per 1 ha), held in the phase of tillering (23 microphase of BBCH code). This dressing provides a yield increase of grain of higher quality from 0.61 to 0.69 t / ha (from 17.5 to 34.1%) with a significant economic effect (from 1.56 to 2.04 rubles / ha). Raising of oat crop productivity is achieved by improving the photosynthetic activity of plants, strengthens the progress of the production process, improves the efficiency of PAR crops, optimizing the structure of the crop. It was also found that foliar dressing applications with the calculated doses of fertilizers (NPK) on the programmable productivity can increase the percentage of implementation of the program to 105.7 and 102.7% (at 86.5 and 87.3% without them).

Development of safety management systems as a condition for implementing the technical regulations of the Customs Union requirements

УДК 658.5

The article proves the necessity of improving food quality and food safety. The authors present the main stages of implementing safety management systems based on HACCP principles as well as typical difficulties in planning, developing, implementing and servicing the system.

Trees reproductive ability in human environment of the European North

УДК 630*18

Green spaces in the central part of Vologda have been inventoried. Phenological observations of flowering and seed maturation phases have been performed. Reproductive ability of the most common types has been studied. Trees which can be used as an original seed materials have been selected. Recommendations for reproduction of the studied species have been prepared.

System problems of flax growing in Russia and abroad, the possibilities of their solution

УДК 658.512:677.21.051

The object of research is the flax complex in Russia and abroad. The Russian flax complex includes agrarian farms and enterprises of processing industries (textile, construction, chemical, etc.). The analysis of the crisis situation of raw materials in the Russian flax complex is given: the lack of finance for flax farms, technological backwardness and low technological discipline at the stages of cultivation and primary processing of flax, high costs and uneven quality of the fiber materials. The state of flax complex in the various regions of Russia is reviewed and analyzed. Raw materials, crop area, yield and gross yield of flax, fiber release, flax products market in general, and others are analyzed. The results of the analysis show the causes of the crisis in the agricultural economy, the enterprises of primary processing of flax and textile industries. Stabilization of the gross production of flax (within 40 ths. tons) and yield (9 t / ha) indicates a certain level of break-even production of flax farms. The narrowness of the domestic market of flax products could be offset by access to international markets of flax, including China and India. The influence of the state support programs in the federal and regional levels in the flax manufacturing and linen products for the federal departments and organizations is considered. The state support programs in the federal and regional levels in the flax manufacturing are an effective tool to support flax, but their systematic underfunding and lack of long-term plans of flax-containing product production for federal agencies and organizations (the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Russian Railways), the so-called state order limits the development of the industry, having considerable potential in the national economy. The ways of increasing the economic efficiency of cultivation and primary processing of flax are offered in the article.

Influence of field beans «protected» protein on indicators of dairy cows productivity

УДК 636.2.034

The article presents the results of studies how field beans subjected to the microwave and chemical treatment influence the productivity of cows and the composition of milk. It has been found that the using in the cows diet of treated corn field beans in an amount of 1,5 kg per head of livestock increases the average milk yield with 4% fat by 5,3-11,1% and the absolute milk protein yield by 2,9-8, 2%.

Foreign experience of sustainable market development of vegetable-growing of protected ground

УДК 338.439:635

The category “sustainable market development of vegetables of protected ground” is analyzed on the basis of scientific approaches and positions of scientists and researchers. The author proposes the original concept of analyzed category in relation to the market of greenhouse vegetables, gives items and indicators of sustainable development. The features of the functioning and market development of greenhouse vegetables are considered, all this is essential for agriculture and supply the population with fresh vegetables all year round. The author shows the measures of government support of vegetable growing of protected ground in Russia. The advanced foreign experience of sustainable development of the sector of greenhouse vegetablegrowing is analyzed in the article. The author formulates the main policy guidelines allowing to ensure the functioning and sustainable development of the Russian market of greenhouse vegetables in the long term, taking into account international experience.

Turkeys meat quality caused by pre-slaughter factors

УДК 636.592

Тhe study has been carried out at LLC “Evrodon” in October rural area of the Rostov region in 2016 on BIG-6 turkeys cross.It has been established that the gutted carcass output of males is 19, 77±0.69 kg, what is 11.1 kg more than of females. By-products output is also higher by males (0.13; 0.03; 0.10; 0.36; 0.08; 0.05 kg respectively) for heads, gizzards, wings, feet, liver and hearts. It has been also discovered a greater meat and bones output from males than from females: the difference in figure of fillet, thigh, breast, wing, tail, frame is 3.38; 1.3; 1.26; 0.79; 0.16; 1.33 kg. It is also established that transportation of turkeys is a negative impact on meat quality, in particular the number of injuries on the carcasses transported by a vehicle equipped for poultry transportation (13 heads) is more than on the turkeys carcasses transported in cages (6 animals).

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